Wireless Networking Solution for Self-service Payment Terminal

  • 2017-07-20
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1. Background

Multi-function self-service payment service terminal is an unattended 24 hour continuous work electronic financial self-help equipment. With the core of its low power embedded industrial computing platform, touch technology as man-machine interface, integrated UnionPay card reader, keyboard password, receipt printer, card reader, cash counting and multimedia system in one, providing self-service payment, self-help recharge, information query, bill printing, also support standby advertising and product promotion service.

Solution for Self-service Payment Terminal

The existing self-service payment service equipment mostly adopts wired network access mode. This way of access enables self-service equipment to be affected by wired network coverage, and it can only be set up within the business outlets, which shackles the service mode. At the same time, the layout method of self-service payment equipment is still combined with tangible business area, which weakens the convenience of self-service equipment, and can't achieve the purpose of expanding the business coverage of business outlets by using self service transactions.

On the contrary, wireless communication mode is not affected by the physical factors of the network. Relying on high-speed 3G/4G network, self-service devices can be deployed to any area of wireless network coverage, which can effectively expand business coverage, thus providing a good network platform for improving business volume.


2. Solution

LAN mode in the business hall: for self service devices placed in the business hall, the network is interconnected with the host computer. At this point, self-service device can directly access local network.

Self-service payment equipment placed in the residential area, large shopping malls and other public places by Baima BMR200 industrial router, relying on full 4G/3G network to achieve off-bank payment service networking, self-service payment equipment networking, equipment condition monitoring, fault alarm, advertising push, on-site video monitoring and other functions.

Self service terminal is connected to BMR200 industrial router through Ethernet interface. The management center system can use dedicated lines and ADSL as the network access mode. BMR200 sets up a VPN connection with the management center system to make self-service payment terminal and the management center system a virtual LAN. The IPSec tunnel is established between the management center and self-service payment terminal to realize secure encryption of data transmission between each other.

BMR200 industrial router

3. The advantages

  • Data security: BMR200 VPN industrial router support VPN Client, which provides convenience for users to cross regional networking. At the same time, business data is encrypted through data to ensure data security, the security of business data transmission reaches financial level.

  • Flexible network topology: according to operational needs, flexible add or reduce payment terminal deployment, easy the implementation of the project.

  • Wired and wireless network backup: if the site has a wired network, it can be connected through BMR200. If the site does not have a wired network, it can be wireless surf through BMR200.

  • Full network: compatible with all carrier operators. According to operational needs, the customers can switch the operators flexibly and save daily operating flow costs.

  • Reliable communication. double watchdogs of software and hardware, multiple technology guarantee wireless connection, "permanent online", and 24 hour continuous unattended environment application.

  • Monitor working state of self-service payment terminal in real time, alarm in time, improve the management efficiency.

  • Industrial design, high and low temperature, wide pressure access.

  • Configuration parameters can be saved which greatly improve configuration efficiency of large batch self-service equipment networking.

  • Special equipment management tools for centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrade and diagnosis of a large number of distributed data terminal units, greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the operator, system integrator, equipment providers and other parties, improve the efficiency of management.

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