Micro 5G Intelligent Gateway BMG2300
Series Models:BMG2300
BMG2300 series micro 5G intelligent gateway has small size and stable operation. It supports 5G/4G/3G/WiFi communication, edge computing, dual-card dual-network backup.And widely used in smart transportation, digital power grid, industrial Internet of Things etc.
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BMG2300 Micro 5G Intelligent Gateway

BMG2300 series micro 5G intelligent gateway has small size and stable operation. It supports dual-card dual-network backup, public and private network integration, support 5G/4G/3G/WiFi/ wired communication, edge computing, compatible with mainstream communication protocols. It is widely used in smart transportation, digital power grid, industrial Internet of Things etc.


Compact Size, Easy Deployment

The gateway has 1 LAN port, 1 WAN/LAN port, 1 RS232(debug), 2 RS485, single mode and dual SIM card, WiFi function (optional). It has DIN rail installation, compact size, easy deployment and flexible application.


5G Gigabit Full Netcom

The gateway supports full netcom, 5G gigabit network, with the advantages of high speed, low delay and large bandwidth. Support 5G/4G/3G/WiFi wireless communication, support wireless and wired switching backup. Using single-mode and dual-card, it supports two different operator networks online at the same time, when the network fluctuates or interrupts, it can quickly switch to another operator network to ensure real-time online communication


Public and Private Network Integration

BMG2300 intelligent gateway not only supports the three major operator networks of the public network, but also supports private network networks, such as power private network, oil field private network, etc. Optional National Security Encryption, combined with National Security SM Series Encryption algorithms, effectively prevent data leakage, identity camouflage, illegal operations, malicious attacks and other security problems in the communication process.


More Compatible Protocols, Easier to Connect Devices

Supports mainstream communication protocols, including: MQTT, HJ212, Json, TCP (FTCP, HTCP, CTCP, TCPSVR),UDP (NUDP, HUDP, CUDP, UDPSVR), FTP, HTTP, Modbus RTU/ModbusTCP, etc. The ever-expanding protocol library allows more devices to access it. Supports customized communication protocols, including customized industry communication protocols, or proprietary communication protocols.


Strong Edge Computing Capability, Support Secondary Development

The BMG2300 micro 5G gateway is equipped with high-performance processors and powerful edge computing capabilities, effectively reducing data traffic and bandwidth occupancy and sharing cloud pressure. The gateway adopts Linux system, integrates Python development environment and C language development environment, and provides standard API interface to facilitate the secondary development application of the project.


Multiple Patented Technologies, Ensure Communication Security

●It has software watchdog and hardware watchdog technology, the device automatically monitors the working status. When the gateway device is accidentally abnormal, the software will wake up intelligently or the hardware will be powered off and restarted, and the whole device will be reset to ensure the real-time operation of the device.;

●Support multi-level link detection mechanisms, such as PPP heartbeat detection, ICMP detection, TCP Keepalive, and application heartbeat detection, automatically recovers network faults, reconnection and maintains the wireless connection;

●Support secure transmission of APN/VPDN data, IPSec VPN, L2TP VPN, PPTP VPN, and OPEN VPN;

●Support DHCP server, DDNS, SPI firewall, DoS attack, VPN traversal, NAT, port mapping, DMZ host, DMZ mapping, QoS, traffic statistics, access control (ACL) and other functions;


Efficient Collaborative Management

Baimatech BMG2300 micro 5G gateway is embedded standard TCP/IP protocol stack. The project data can achieve synchronous wireless transmission of 5 centers, monitoring data can be reported to the provincial, municipal, county and other levels of management platform. It is convenient for local units, remote units at all levels, and external cooperation units to obtain data simultaneously.


Convenient and Fast Equipment Management

BMG2300 micro 5G intelligent gateway, supporting powerful gateway remote management software, supports telnet, web, SSH and other management methods. It achieves centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrade, diagnosis of intelligent gateways distributed in various places, improving management efficiency.


Industrial Quality, Stable and Reliable Operation

All devices are selected according to industrial standards, thickened metal shell, strong and durable. The enclosure and the system are safely isolated, and the safety advantages of industrial occasions are obvious. High and low temperature resistance (-35℃ to 75℃), wide pressure (5V-35V), moisture-proof, lightning-proof, designed for stable operation in harsh environments. High standard EMC electromagnetic compatibility, stable work in a strong electromagnetic environment, standardized production process and strict quality assurance system.


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