BMG8100 Smart Pole Gateway (DC Type)
Series Models:BMG8100
Baimatech BMG8100 intelligent gateway , has the powerful configuration of wired and wireless communication + edge control + power supply management.
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BMG8100 intelligent gateway,gives life to smart pole

Baimatech BMG8100 series intelligent gateway is specially developed for smart pole applications. Communication + control + power supply in one, strong edge computing capability and edge control strategy, high temperature/low temperature/high humidity and other excellent environmental adaptability, with 3C certification, etc. Intelligent gateway adopts cuboid vertical structure, whose shape and volume depth meet the space and construction requirements of smart lamp poles.


Industry initiative: lead type waterproof interface line, 

installation efficiency increased 5 times

Use innovation to empower the industry application of smart pole industry. There are many smart pole access devices, resulting in a large amount of on-site installation work. BMG8100 series smart gateway is the first of its kind in the industry (patent for industrial appearance), so the construction personnel no longer need to bend over and connect wires in front of smart pole equipment warehouse.


Powerful centralized control function of communication / control / power supply

The BMG8100 series intelligent gateway can be configured with 4G or 5G communication. Ports include seven kilomega LAN ports, one kilomega WAN port (which can be reused as a LAN port), two kilomega optical ports, four PoE power supplies (optional), two RS485 ports, one 12V power supply, one 24V power supply, three DI ports, and three relay output ports.


Smart pole mount equipment, one station access, plug and play

The BMG8100 series intelligent gateways support the following communication protocols: MQTT, MODBUS, JSON, TCP, UDP, and HTTP. The BMG8100 series intelligent gateways match the following communication protocols: light controller, sensor, camera, LED screen, environment monitoring, one-click alarm, IP sound bar, WiFi AP, charging pile, plug and play.


Powerful intelligent edge computing capability 

+ edge control strategy

BMG8100 intelligent gateway integrates the edge computing function and moves the single-indicator control policy, LED playback policy, and voice bar playback policy forward to the intelligent gateway. When the smart pole cloud side network is disconnected, the smart gateway can obtain the local control policy, so that the smart pole on the project site can realize autonomous management and normal operation.


Wired + wireless communication

The BMG8100 supports optical fiber ports, network ports, WIFI(optional), and 5G/4G(optional) Internet access. Multiple networks can be connected simultaneously. Enhanced WIFI expansion function, can realize 4/5G to WIFI, network port to WIFI, support wired and wireless mutual backup; The gateway monitors the quality of communication status intelligently and supports multi-line intelligent switching communication between the wired network and the mobile network.


SM national secret encryption communication (optional), 

to ensure the municipal project information security

Provides multiple VPN encryption tunnel functions. Optional SM encryption, built-in hardware and software double encryption, comprehensive application of state secret SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4 encryption algorithm, effectively eliminate data leakage, identity camouflage, illegal operation, malicious attacks and other security problems, the strength of the smart pole and other municipal applications data transmission security.


Multi-center simultaneous data transmission, 

efficient collaborative management

The BMG8100 intelligent gateway supports simultaneous data transmission in 12 centers. The status data, collected data, and electricity consumption data of the pole-mounted devices can be delivered to management platforms at all levels, or traffic, urban management, commercial companies and other units, realizing the multi-terminal operation and management of the intelligent lamp pole system.


Support secondary development

Adopt Linux operating system, integrate Python development environment and C language development environment, provide standard API interface and development guidance, provide common operation and string processing library; provide read and write gateway peripheral interface, provide PC editing scripts or tools to generate execution programs; and provide a stable and fast platform for users' secondary application development.


Intelligent gateway,efficient remote management

You can remotely manage intelligent gateways on different project sites from the management center without requiring engineers to visit the site. The management include: remote centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrade, diagnosis, etc.It can greatly improve the management efficiency of the party A, integrators, operators, equipment providers and other parties.


Powerful intelligent cloud platform, 

to create a smart pole Internet of Things

The smart pole cloud platform independently developed by Baimatech is equipped with BMG8100 smart pole gateway to achieve global connection between software and hardware. Smart lamp pole platform adopts the modular design which can independently customize according to project requirements.The basic functions include: large screen display, lamp pole control, GIS data maps, environmental monitoring analysis,video surveillance online access,remote media broadcast, security alarm linkage, wireless network coverage management, system management, gateway management, etc.It has been widely adapted in smart parks, smart scenic spots, smart transportation and other scenarios.


Complete certification, all-round quality assurance

Baimatech BMG8100 intelligent gateway,with 3C certification,has excellent performance in EMC electromagnetic compatibility, environmental reliability test, high temperature / low temperature / humidity test, wide pressure test, power stability test, high flow pressure test, flash continuous read and write interference test, vibration collision test and other aspects, comprehensively ensuring the long-term and stable work of the smart lamp pole system.


Suitable for all kinds of Internet of Things application scenarios

The BMG8100 series of intelligent Internet of Things gateways have all shown powerful applications in the Internet of Things scenarios, such as smart parks, smart transportation, smart scenic spots, and smart blocks.


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