Wireless Monitoring Solution for Agricultural and Forestry Irrigation

  • 2017-04-19
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1. Background

As we all know, China is one of the countries that lack water resources in the world, and agricultural irrigation accounts for a large proportion in water resources utilization, so intelligent irrigation is very important. The traditional agricultural irrigation mainly uses the way of "watering the flooded land". In this way, farmers cannot grasp the information of land's irrigation, soil moisture and so on, causing a lot of waste of water resources.

How to effectively use the limited water resources, improve the utilization rate of agricultural water, become the focus of the government departments concerned, modern sensor technology and transmission technology can let farmers master the real-time land moisture, intelligent irrigation, not only save water, but also can make the crops with sufficient irrigation.

Solution for Agricultural

2. Solution

The wireless monitoring solution for agricultural irrigation is mainly composed of front sensor, data transmission equipment, back-end processing platform and mobile control software.

Front sensor: mainly responsible for front-end data detection and control, mainly by the irrigation nozzle, solenoid valve, soil temperature sensor, soil salinity sensor, meteorological monitoring equipment, is the key link to obtain the data, by the terminal control box for unified control and management.

Data transmission equipment: every agricultural and forestry irrigation point is equipped with a Baima BMD100 data terminal unit, which adopts module integrated design solution. According to industrial standard and the needs of industrial users, it has the advantages of fast and flexible networking, short construction cycle and low cost. BMD100 through 2G/3G/4G network to dial up the Internet, and the initiative to establish a connection with the server, automatic construction of data channels.

Back end processing platform: mainly all kinds of servers, system platform, monitoring center and so on. It is mainly responsible for data inquiry, reception, processing, push and so on.

Mobile control software: mobile APP. It is mainly responsible for remote state query, remote control and so on.

3. The advantages

  • Powerful system can realize real-time monitoring and real-time remote control of each irrigation point, high degree of automation.

  • Support mobile APP, and other mainstream control methods, real-time monitoring, autonomous control, high flexibility.

  • All products are designed and applied in industrial level, high and low temperature (-35 to 75 degrees) and wide pressure (5V-35V).

  • Convenient construction, wireless communication, no wiring.

  • Rich interface, configuring I/O, ADC, RS232, RS485 and other interfaces. It facilitates the front end to connect all kinds of intelligent devices, collecting analog, digital or switching data, and uploading data according to the protocol.

  • Baima BMD100 compatible with all 4G/3G/2.5G network, strong signal search capability and strong signal reception capability.

  • Baima BMD100 communication is stable and reliable, multi technology guarantees wireless connection "permanent online".

  • Data security, support private network access, support main and backup center communication, support multi center synchronous data transmission.

  • Easy maintenance, support remote management, remote configuration, remote upgrade.

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