BMG8200 Smart Pole Gateway (AC Type)
Series Models:BMG8200
BMG8200 gateway is an intelligent gateway for intelligent road lamp pole. It is equipped with 7 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, 4 POE power supply channels, 2 kilomega optical ports, etc.
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BMG8200 gateway, specially developed for 

the smart pole application scenario

BMG8200 smart lamp pole gateway is specially developed by Baimatech for smart pole applications. The appearance design, communication interface configuration, power security management, gateway function parameters, and environmental adaptability of this series of gateway products fully meet the application and management requirements of smart pole project.


Many interfaces, convenient one-stop access 

to smart pole equipment

The communication interface includes 7 kilomega LAN ports, 1 kilomega WAN ports, 2 kilomega optical ports, 2 RS485,etc.Smart lamp poles are equipped with intelligent lighting, video monitoring, environmental monitoring, weather monitoring, LED display, WIFI coverage, public broadcasting, one-click alarm, charging pile, micro-base station, etc., which can be accessed through BMG8200 gateway.



Powerful AC and DC power supply configuration,

electricity safety can be controlled remotely

It has one 220V power input, three 220V power output, one DC24V output, one DC12V output, four PoE power supply output, providing centralized power supply for smart pole equipment, greatly reducing the difficulty of project deployment and saving project cost.Both AC and DC power supply adopt waterproof joint; the gateway is equipped with electricity meter function to remotely monitor the power supply status, timely alarm the abnormal situation and remotely control the power supply to fully ensure the safety of the project.


Compatible with smart rod device protocol, 

access to various cloud platforms

Support Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, TCP, UDP and other southbound protocols, built-in domestic and foreign mainstream cameras, LED control card, environmental sensor, WIFI AP, one-click alarm, IP sound column, charging pile and other communication protocols. It is convenient for users to quickly match and use.Support MQTT, JSON, 212 protocol, docking with Ali cloud, Baidu Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Amazon Cloud and other third-party cloud platforms, can match and docking with the private cloud platform of enterprise research and development and construction.


Powerful functional configuration, and simple secondary development and application

Smart lamp pole gateway integrates intelligent gateway, edge computing and other functional modules.It has powerful function configuration, including 5G / 4G / 3G / 2G, NB-IoT, WIFI, GPS, wired and other communication modes, support wired and wireless mutual backup.High-performance industrial-grade ARM high-end processor, Linux operating system, integrated Python development environment and C language development environment, to provide standard API interface and development guidance, to provide a stable and fast platform for users' secondary application development.


Data can be reported to 12 centers simultaneously, 

and can be transmitted at breakpoints

Lighting management, security video, environmental monitoring data, meteorological monitoring data, LED information release, public broadcasting, one-click alarm, charging pile management, micro base station are belong to different departments. Baimatech BMG8200 smart pole gateway support data reported to 12 centers simultaneously, let the competent departments work together, to build smart city.


Authoritative laboratory high and low temperature resistance testing, EMC four-level standard

Smart lamp pole works outdoors for a long time so the environmental adaptability is indispensable.BMG8200 smart pole gateway has solid metal shell. All components, including processing chip, memory chip, storage chip, communication module and power supply device, adopt industrial standard, EMC up to level 4 standard, pass the high and low temperature test of authoritative laboratory (-35℃ to 75℃), wide voltage, Super moistureproof, lightning proof, electromagnetic interference proof ability, adapt to all kinds of bad working conditions.


Support local or remote configuration upgrade, 

easy gateway management

Provide powerful central management software to conduct centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrade and diagnosis of gateways distributed in various cities and regions.There is no upper limit on the number of gateways managed by the central management software.Greatly improve the management efficiency of Party A, integrator, operator, equipment provider and other parties.


Supporting the intelligent lamp pole management platform

The basic functional framework of the smart lamp pole platform includes: large screen data display, video surveillance, street lamp control, GIS map, environmental monitoring, information release, one-click alarm, wireless WIFI-AP management, charging pile management, network broadcast system, work order management, system management, gateway management, etc.


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