RS485 Single / Dual-lamp controller
Series Models:BM-DK200
Single/dual lamp controller, achieve separate power supply and power off operation for the connected load (lamp) , LED lamp dimming, lamp electrical parameter acquisition, lamp pole monitoring control, remote online upgrade and other functions.
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Single/dual-lamp controller BM-DK200

Single/dual lamp controller,according to the platform instructions, achieve separate power supply and power off operation for the connected load (lamp) , LED lamp dimming, lamp electrical parameter acquisition, threshold setting, lamp pole tilt monitoring, lamp pole leakage/tilt detection, street lamp fault judgment, wireless OTA online upgrade and other functions.


Stable lamp control experience

Adopt RS485, power carrier and other communication modes.It has stable communication and high control efficiency. The same level of silicone as the LED street lamp power supply is used for packaging, IP67 protection grade.Strong anti-interference ability, with excellent anti-surge, electrostatic discharge immunity, fast transient pulse immunity, etc. Suitable for harsh outdoor working environment, resistant to high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, salinity, etc.; The intelligent algorithm is used to detect the working state of the street lamp and report the failure of the street lamp, which is convenient for users to monitor and maintain the lamp. No data loss after power failure for more than 10 years


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Power supply reference value and allowable deviation

Rated frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz, allowable deviation of-5%~ + 5%

Rated voltage: 220V, allowable deviation-20%~ + 20%

Complete machine power consumption


load capacity

Traditional street lamps or LED lamps with < 1KW connection

Communication type

485 Bus

485 Bus load capacity

25~30485 bus equipment

Tuning type

0~10V dimming

Data preservation

Data is not lost for more than ten years

Range of measurement accuracy


The shell seal

IP67 compliant, protection level

operating temperature range


outline dimension


Wave surge level

Basis: GB / T 17626.5 grade: 4 voltage: ± 4KV

Electrostatic discharge and disturbance immunity

Basis: GB / T 17626.2 Grade: 4 Test voltage: ± 15kV

Fast transient pulse is used for disturbance resistance

Basis: GB / T 17626.4 grade: 4 voltage: ± 4KV

High & low temperature

Grade: 4 ( -40°C/+80°C)





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