AI Gateway BM-A16
Series Models:BM-A16
Baimatech BM-A16 series AI intelligent gateway supports 30+ AI algorithms, up to 17.6 TOPS peak computing power, it is widely used in safe production, smart city, smart business, intelligent manufacturing, dangerous chemical industry,and other scenarios
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Baimatech AI Intelligent Gateway

Baimatech BM-A16 series AI intelligent gateway supports 30+ AI algorithms, up to 17.6 TOPS peak computing power, Docker containerized design, to help users quickly achieve 4G wireless communication, edge computing and AI empowerment. It is widely used in safety production, smart city, smart business, intelligent manufacturing, dangerous chemical industry, campus safety, fire safety behavior monitoring, environmental monitoring and other scenarios.


30+ Kinds of Recognition Algorithms

Support 30+ kinds of visual recognition algorithms, including: face recognition, license plate recognition, helmet recognition, personnel fall to the ground recognition, smoke and flame detection, personnel over the railing detection, personnel crossing the line detection, congestion detection, dangerous goods monitoring, small animal detection, etc. Each video supports 3 algorithms to run at the same time, making visual recognition analysis more efficient.


AI Recognition

It has 8-core A53 CPU, up to 2.3GHz, 17.6 TOPS peak computing power,supporting 38 high-definition video hardware decoding. It has a large memory of 12GB, supports 16 channels of 1080p HD video real-time full process processing and analysis, and the image decoding ability is up to 480 images (1080P)/second, fully meeting the visual recognition analysis applications.


Rich Interface

BM-A16 series AI intelligent gateway support 4G full network, design with 1 gigabit WAN port, 1 gigabit LAN port, 2 USB 3.0 interface, 1 RS-232, 1 RS-485, a high-definition HDMI video output interface, standard 32GB large capacity storage space.It also supports TF card expansion and SATA hard disk expansion (up to 2TB) to achieve larger storage space.


Supports Mainstream Video Protocols

BM-A16 series AI intelligent gateway supports mainstream H264, H265 video stream access without additional development adaptation. It also supports RTSP protocol access video stream,public security standard GB28181 protocol, and video access and remote transmission is convenient and fast. Support MQTT protocol, flexible call API access to third-party platforms. Docker containerized design greatly simplifies the process of building, deploying and running applications.


Industrial Quality

The gateway uses an all-metal housing, which is resistant to impact and drops. Large metal fins are used on the surface for more efficient internal heat dissipation. The whole machine has passed through the strict resistance to high and low temperature, electromagnetic interference and other reliability testing. It can ensure long-term reliable work under extreme high temperature, high humidity, cold and other harsh working conditions.


AIAI Remote Gateway Management Platform

Baimatech intelligent AI gateway management platform can centrally control the AI gateways deployed in various places, support the unified configuration of AI gateways, data management and algorithm updating and upgrading, significantly reduce the long-term operation and maintenance costs of builders, operators and maintenance parties, and improve management efficiency.


Rich Online Management Function

BM-A16 series AI intelligent gateway is equipped with the behavior analysis business system, support visual recognition task configuration, video/image online preview, page alarm and remote alarm push, short video and other rich functions.


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