Cat.1 Smart single / dual lamp controller
Series Models:BM-DK360
Baimatech 4G/Cat.1 intelligent single/dual lamp controller, can choose 4G/NB/ZIGBEE/LORA/RS485 and other wired or wireless communication mode,100% street lamp online rate,and can meet the application needs of different scenarios of intelligent lighting projects.
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100% Online Rate

Baimatech BM-DK360 intelligent single/dual lamp controller is based on Cat.1 communication technology, with seamless access to the existing LTE network.It has wider network coverage, faster communication speed, lower delay and 100% street lamp online rate.


Lower Deployment Cost

Baimatech Cat.1 intelligent single/dual lamp controller, small size, no wiring, easy installation, communication distance, stable and reliable, suitable for road lighting, tunnel lighting, high-speed lighting, landscape lighting park lighting, regional lighting control networking and other scenes of remote control and monitoring, provide a convenient lighting control for scattered lighting network.


Compatible with 5 Communication Modes

BM-DK360 intelligent lamp controller is compatible with a variety of wired or wireless Internet of Things communication modes,and can match 4G / NB / ZIGBEE / LORA / RS485 to meet the application requirements of smart lighting projects in different scenarios.


Efficient Network Management

BM-DK360 intelligent single/dual lamp controller supports single/dual circuit control functions such as remote switch and control strategy setting.Optional lamp pole leakage detection, Beidou positioning and other functional module interfaces make lighting networking management more efficient.


Rich Dimming Mode

Baimatech intelligent lamp controller have PWM dimming, 0~10VDC dimming, brightness adjustment functions. According to the needs of the field project,it can develop dimming strategies according to the season, time, illumination, longitude and latitude etc.It can save energy and prolong the life of lamps.


Edge Computing Function

Baimatech BM-DK360 intelligent single/dual lamp controller supports edge computing strategy, can store the lighting strategy plan for the whole year locally in the lamp controller. It can automatically perform dimming and switching according to the preset strategy under the condition of network disconnection, as well as self-run single lamp built-in energy-saving strategy


Accurate Electricity Monitoring

BM-DK 360 intelligent lamp controller, has built-in high-precision current and voltage metering circuit, supports the monitoring of voltage, current, power and other power parameters, low error rate, to further strengthen the perception of the lighting network.


Intelligent Alarm

Baimatech Cat.1 intelligent single / dual lamp controller, supports the monitoring alarm of common voltage / current over-limit, power over-limit, lamp pole leakage and other faults, as well as automatic detection and report trip, empty opening and other emergencies.It can help maintenance personnel to identify the cause of the fault and repair the system.


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