BMG8500 smart pole gateway (waterproof)
Series Models:BMG8500
Baimatech BMG8500 waterproof intelligent gateway,it has closed structure, to achieve IP65 grade waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof.5 In 1 powerful function, replace the traditional routing gateway, switch, optical cat, concentrator, etc.
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Patent product, IP65 waterproof / moisture-proof / dust-proof

Industry's first patent products.Baimatech BMG8500 series intelligent gateway uses rust-resistant metal shell, closed structure. All communication, power supply and functional interfaces are the industry’s first lead-out design. It has internal waterproof structure design, and efficient thermal conductivity structure design.It can realize IP65 grade waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof and avoid dust damage and the damage to the gateway by low pressure injection water in the smart pole cavity when it rains.


5 In 1 powerful function, to create a perfect smart pole

Baimatech BMG8500 series waterproof intelligent gateway is integrated with network routing and exchange system, data acquisition system, protocol conversion system, lamp control system and edge computing system, etc.One intelligent gateway can replace the traditional routing gateway, switch, optical cat, concentrator, etc., with high integration degree, high stability, and simple network construction.


Abundant interface, integrating communication / control / power supply

BMG8500 Internet of Things intelligent gateway, the interface includes 2 kilomega optical ports, 7 kilomega LAN ports, 1 kilomega WAN ports (can be reused as LAN ports), 4 PoE power supply (optional), 2 RS485 (with power output), 3 DI, 4 relay output, 1 TF card, 1 DC5~60V input, etc.It is convenient for intelligent lighting, video monitoring, environmental sensing, WIFI coverage, LED screen, network broadcast, emergency alarm, charging pile and other one-stop access and control.


Preset massive communication protocol, 

seamless docking smart pole peripherals

The BMG8500 series intelligent gateway has built-in massive equipment communication protocol: MQTT, HTTP, TCP, UDP, JSON, HJ212, transparent transmission, etc.South docking with light controller, sensor, camera, LED screen, environmental monitoring, one-click alarm, IP sound column, WiFi AP, charging pile are plug and play; north docking with Ali Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, own server, etc.


Strong edge control, greatly improve the autonomous

management ability of the smart pole

BMG8500 series intelligent gateway has powerful edge control strategy, including: single lamp control strategy, LED playback strategy, timing strategy, event trigger (linkage) strategy, holiday strategy, data screening system, peripheral state alarm system, etc. When the smart pole cloud edge network is disconnected or the edge node failures, intelligent gateway can obtain local control strategy, let smart lamp pole realize autonomous management operation.


SM national secret encryption communication (optional), 

smart pole data is safe and reliable

Support SPI firewall, DoS attack, VPN crossing, access control, port mapping, DMZ mapping, access control function (ACL) and other functions.It has optional encryption communication chip, built-in national secret SM1 \ SM2 \ SM3 \ SM4 encryption algorithm, to realize the software and hardware dual encryption protection.It can Effectively eliminate data leakage, identity camouflage, illegal operation, malicious attacks and other security problems, to ensure the security of smart pole data transmission.


Optional 5G / 4G / dual-band WIFI

It integrates a variety of communication modes, including optical fiber, wired network, 5G / 4G (optional), 2.4G/5.8G dual-frequency WiFi (optional), and GPS (optional).Support a variety of wireless extension methods, LoRa, ZigBee, Bluetooth, etc., support LoRaWAN protocol.It can be connected to external PLC carrier ZigBee / LoRa and other single lamp concentrators to realize the single lamp centralized management of non-intelligent pole street lamp.


Multi-center simultaneous data transmission, 

efficient smart pole management

The operation and maintenance of multi-functional smart street pole involves multiple units of government and enterprises. BMG8500 intelligent gateway supports simultaneous transmission of data to 12 management centers, and smart pole data can be regularly delivered to traffic, public security, urban management, commercial companies and other units, making management coordination more efficient.


Standardized Linux system, supporting secondary development

Baimatech BMG8500 intelligent gateway uses high-end processor and standardized Linux system, integrates Python and C language development environment, supports user’s secondary development, provides development documents and cross compiler.It can help users to develop the advantages of Baimatech intelligent gateway and meet the differentiated application requirements of different projects.


Dedicated for harsh working conditions

A stable and reliable product is the consistent pursuit of Baimatech.Baimatech BMG8500 intelligent gateway performs well in EMC electromagnetic compatibility test, environmental reliability test, high temperature / low temperature / humidity test, wide pressure test, power stability test, large flow pressure test, flash continuous reading and writing interference test, vibration collision test.


Intelligent gateway,efficient remote management

You can remotely manage intelligent gateways on different project sites from the management center without requiring engineers to visit the site. The management include: remote centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrade, diagnosis, etc.It can greatly improve the management efficiency of the party A, integrators, operators, equipment providers and other parties.


Smart pole cloud platform, 12 large subsystems

Baimatech smart lamp pole software adopts modular design, users can set up multi-level sub-accounts according to the project needs, no limit to the number of access, flexible project control.Functions include: large screen display, lamp pole control, intelligent lighting, GIS map, environmental monitoring, video surveillance, network broadcast, one-click alarm linkage, WIFI management, charging pile management, gateway management.


Structure Size

Guide rail installation or wall-mounted installation, can be selected according to the project needs







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