Small type 5G gateway BMG5000
Series Models:BMG5000
Baimatech BMG5000 series 5G gateway, support 5G NSA and SA mode, assist customers to build 5G smart city, 5G smart transportation, 5G smart park, 5G smart manufacturing, 5G telemedicine and other IoT applications based on the advantages of 5G high rate, low delay, large bandwidth, let 5G become the core productivity.
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Gigabit 5G gateway, let 5G become the core productivity

Baimatech BMG5000 series 5G intelligent gateway, equipped with high-speed 5G communication module, supports 5G NSA and SA mode, gives full play to the advantages of high speed, low delay and large bandwidth of 5G, widely applicable to intelligent transportation, intelligent manufacturing, unattended monitoring and control scenarios, and helps the smart Internet of things towards a new stage of 5G speed.


Powerful edge computing, the core of the 

industrial Internet of Things

BMG5000 series intelligent gateway, equipped with powerful edge computing capability, is the core of industrial Internet of Things applications. Set intelligent collection, protocol conversion, 5G/4G wireless communication, data processing and forwarding, VPN virtual private network, WIFI coverage, GPS positioning, centralized control, remote control, linkage control and other functions in one. You can automatically execute device management policies, device linkage policies, data analysis policies, and exception handling policies in offline state


Compact volume, comprehensive configuration

The BMG5000 series 5G gateway has a compact structure and high degree of integration. Support data, pictures, video and other types of information high-speed acquisition, transmission and control. Equipped with rich industry application interface, it includes 4 gigabit LAN port, 1 gigabit WLAN port (WAN port can be reused as LAN port), 2 RS485 port, 1 RS232 port, 1 dc power output (12V), GPS function (optional), Wifi function (optional), TF card (optional), single-mode dual card (optional), and dual-mode dual card (optional).


Complete industry protocol database, efficient establishment

of the Internet of things

It can dock with Ali cloud, Baidu cloud, customer's own cloud platform. Baimatech BMG5000 gateway has a built-in multi-industry device protocol library, including: MQTT, TCP (FTCP, HTCP CTCP, TCPSVR),UDP (NUDP, HUDP, CUDP, UDPSVR), HTTP, HJ212, Json, Modbus RTU/ModbusTCP, etc.,to facilitate customers to quickly adapt docking, efficient construction of the Internet of Things. It can also be customized to interconnect with OPC, IEC61850, IEC60870, DNP3, BACnet, ONVIF, and mainstream PLC to meet the requirements of industrial networking.


Supports seven communication modes

The BMG5000 series intelligent gateway supports various communication modes such as 5G/4G/3G/ wired /WIFI/GPS/ NB-iot, and is fully compatible with the network of CHINATELECOM,CHINAMOBILE and CHINAUNICOM operators. Wired and wireless network backup each other, supporting intelligent switching, automatic re-connection to build a strong network of the Internet of Things.


Software and hardware dual encryption,guarantee data security

Supports APN/VPDN data secure transmission, IPSec VPN, L2TP VPN, PPTP VPN, OPEN VPN, and data security is guaranteed. The dual encryption mode of software and hardware (optional) is adopted to effectively prevent data theft, communication interference, malicious attacks and other security problems, ensuring the communication security and stability of 5G IoT system.


Support secondary development, support custom applications

Baimatech BMG5000 small volume 5G gateway, Linux operating system, integrated Python development environment and C language development environment, providing standard API interface and development guidance. Users can call various interfaces and resources of the system as needed, personalize gateway application functions,master 5G application advantages, and form a strong competitiveness.


Patented technology to ensure the safety and 

reliability of wireless communication

It has software watchdog and hardware watchdog technologies, and supports multi-level link detection mechanisms such as PPP layer heartbeat, ICMP detection, TCP Keepalive, and application layer heartbeat to maintain wireless communication "always online". Data can be transmitted wirelessly to 5 centers simultaneously and reported to management platforms at all levels.It supports data replenishment, ensuring data security and no loss. Powerful storage and external expansion storage function, equipped with TF card interface (optional), can store more than 10 years of collected data.


Industrial design and selection, excellent quality

Excellent performance indicators, 5G rate test, high temperature and high humidity and harsh environment test, long-term stability test, large flow pressure test, CPU occupancy test, FLASH continuous read/write interference test, power stability test, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, mechanical vibration test all get excellent performance. Strong resistance to high and low temperature, moisture, lightning, electromagnetic interference, adapt to a variety of harsh industrial application environment.


Supporting gateway management platform, 

easier project management

Provides powerful remote gateway management software to centrally monitor, configure, upgrade, and diagnose a large number of distributed security gateways, greatly reducing the maintenance cost of project integrators, operators, and equipment providers and improve management efficiency.







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