CNC Machine Remote Maintenance Solution

  • 2017-05-18
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1. Introduction

With the wide application of CNC machine tools in industrial production, the development of CNC machine tools and numerical control technology has become the core of the manufacturing industry. CNC machine tool is a mechanical and electrical integration product which integrates mechanical manufacturing, computer, hydraulic, sensing, information processing, light and electrical, and other technologies. In view of the complexity of CNC machine tools and the limited manpower reserve of enterprises, the maintenance of equipment must be supported by external forces.

CNC Machine Remote Maintenance Solution

With remote mechanical diagnosis and service system, we can greatly improve the management efficiency of machine tool manufacturers, and enable machine manufacturers and users to establish long-term and close cooperation relationship and create new business value.

CNC machine tool users: 1. predictive maintenance, early detection of potential failures and reduce machine downtime, to prevent accidents, improve productivity; when the problems can be found fault shutdown, users can control the machine tool in processing system of remote diagnosis and service under the guidance, to minimize the loss; 2. special knowledge of the machine tool factory is passed to machine operator and maintenance personnel, so that the utilization rate of the machine tool is the highest; 3. the life of machine tools is predicted reasonably, so that the machine tools are overdue in the condition of keeping quality and keeping production.

The machine tool manufacturers and maintenance units: 1. reduce maintenance service personnel and costs; 2. quality tracking of machine tools conveniently, find the weak link, and constantly improve the quality of the machine; 3. state management of equipment, realize the organic integration of maintenance plan, maintenance and predictive maintenance.

IOT gateway BMG500

2. Solution

In order to solve many problems existing in traditional wired monitoring network, such as various protocols, poor compatibility, difficult wiring, high cost and inflexible network structure, Xiamen Baima technology proposed a solution of building machine tool wireless monitoring network. Through Baima IOT gateway BMG500, unified protocol conversion, the distribution around different brands of different types of CNC machine tools to access the unified management platform, the running state of the machine, real-time upload alarm information data to the monitoring center, grasp the operating status of each machine manufacturers and convenience, through the analysis of large data recording and comparison, discover the security risks and possible equipment failure, timely notify maintenance personnel to repair.

3. Advantaged features

Networking gateway, also called gateway, protocol converter, wireless industrial networking gateway, intelligent gateway, industrial communication gateway, wireless sensor management host, help the customer to realize various protocols equipment data acquisition, protocol conversion, wireless communication etc..

3.1. support a variety of access methods to facilitate various types of devices on the site to access network

It is with 4 x LAN ports, 1 x WAN port and 1 x USB.

2 x DI digital inputs are convenient to connect the field acquisition terminal to monitor the machine tool state.

2 x relay outputs are convenient to control the front end equipment.

Support terminal form RS485, RS232 data transmission, convenient wiring, fit the needs of various types of port equipment networking.

According to the needs of the project, WAN port can be customized into LAN port, so that BMG500 is easily expanded to 5 x LAN ports.

3.2 Compatible with wide protocols, support a variety of industrial equipment protocols in industrial fields

International standard protocols, including: OPC, Modbus, IEC60870-101/102/103/104, DNP3, DLT645, BACnet, jsons etc., the continued expansion of the protocols can be made equipment more easily access

3.3 Strong private protocol second development ability

Own private protocols of PLC, DCS, intelligent instruments, intelligent devices and other manufacturers, to facilitate customers according to specific needs of the project docking all kinds of equipment, collecting relevant data

3.4 128G memory, mass storage space

It connects with a large capacity memory card, which has the largest capacity to 128G, to monitor data stored in the machine and lose power without loss data

3.5 Stable and reliable communication, multi technology guarantee wireless connection "permanent online" in unattended applications

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