BMG5100 Gigabit 5G Smart Pole Gateway
Series Models:BMG5100
BMG5100 series kilomega 5G comprehensive pole intelligent gateway is equipped with 5G communication module and high-performance processor and integrates 5G/4G/wired and other communication modes.
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Kilomega 5G intelligent gateway,realizes the 5G leap of smart poles

The 5G comprehensive pole/5G comprehensive tower is the leader of the new infrastructure. Using the Baimatech’s BMG5100 series kilomega 5G intelligent gateway can realizes the 5G leap of the smart pole.It can make the smart street lamp pole who reserved 5G interface more powerful and the visual effect become novel and beautiful, and give full play to the advantages of station resources, power supply, communication networking when building 5G base station.


One pole,multiple uses,the crux is about intelligent gateway 

Baima BMG5100 series kilomega 5G intelligent gateway is often used in 5G smart pole projects such as smart municipal, smart parks and smart scenic spots.Let street lamp pole realize powerful intelligent functions, including: communication networking, intelligent lighting edge control, LED release, environmental monitoring, video monitoring, charging pile, information interaction, information alarm, face recognition, voice intercom, etc.


It provides 15 key capabilities for 5G smart street lamp poles

Baimatech’s  BMG5100 series kilomega 5G intelligent gateway provides 5G smart poles with equipment access capabilities, data acquisition capabilities, edge computing capabilities, data processing capabilities, protocol conversion capabilities, data retransmission capabilities, 5G/4G/wired and other comprehensive communication transmission capabilities, local caching capabilities, breakpoint continuation capabilities, remote configuration management capabilities, over-threshold alarm capabilities, security encryption protection capabilities, anti-interference capabilities, ease of use, etc.


Multi-purpose smart pole equipment and application interface

    to support centralized power supply

Baimatech’s BMG5100 series kilomega 5G intelligent gateway has rich smart pole equipment and application interfaces, including 4 kilomega LAN, 1kilomega WLAN (WAN port can be reused as LAN), 1 RS485, 1 RS232 (optional RS485), 2 DI, 3 relay, 3 ADC, 4 POE power supply (optional), Wifi function (optional), TF card. It supports connecting multiple serial port devices, Ethernet devices and WIFI devices at the same time. It is a communication hub, smart hub and control hub of smart rod systems.



Equipped with a high-performance industrial-grade processor

Baimatech’s 5G intelligent gateway is equipped with industrial-grade intelligent processor chips and 5G high-speed communication modules. The downstream peak data rate of 5G can reach 20Gbps, and the upstream peak data rate can reach 10Gbps, with an end-to-end delay of less than 5 milliseconds. 5G transmission speed is faster than  optical fiber.5G real-time capability and all-space connectivity are stronger than industrial bus.Strong power and kilomega speed realize the expansion and upgrading of 5G smart street lamp pole functions.


5G/4G/wired/WIFI/GPS/NB-IoT, all-round communication support

Baimatech’s BMG5100 series kilomega 5G intelligent gateway, integrated 5G/4G/wired /WIFI/GPS/NB-IoT and other multi-type communication modes, support single mode/ dual mode dual card + cable network, multi-network design, intelligent switching, to meet the communication network needs of different 5G smart pole projects.


Built-in industry protocol library, to achieve multi-scenario application expansion

The gateway supports the communication protocol docking of 5G smart street lamp pole equipment such as Modbus, MQTT, HTTP, etc. It can realize the plug-and-play and seamless docking of light-controlled lighting equipment, video camera, IP broadcasting, LED display screen, environmental monitoring sensor, one-click alarm, charging pile, WIFI AP and other equipment.


Remote Batch Maintenance & Upgrade

Baimatech’s BMG5100 series kilomega 5G intelligent gateway supports remote batch configuration and remote maintenance upgrade, with the design of platform configuration methods and SMS configuration methods, supports batch import and export of configuration data, and greatly improves the management efficiency of 5G smart street lamp poles projects.


Multi-center data is transmitted together to realize

the collaborative management of 5G smart pole

There are many construction and competent departments related to 5G comprehensive pole/5G comprehensive tower and other smart pole systems. Baimatech’s BMG5100 series kilomega 5G intelligent gateway supports the data of the smart street lamp pole system to send data to five management centers synchronously to meet the collaborative management needs of road management, transportation, advertising, security and other departments. The data has been standardised preprocessed, VPN and other encrypted transmission to improve the data transmission security of smart pole projects.


Industrial grade quality, fully meet the smart street lamp pole

harsh working environment

Baimatech’s BMG5100 series kilomega 5G intelligent gateway adopts industrial-grade device selection, high electromagnetic compatibility, high and low temperature resistance (-40°C to 80°C), wide voltage (5V-35V).It also has moisture-proof, lightning-proof and electromagnetic interference capabilities, which fully ensures the stable and reliable operation of the smart street lamp pole system in harsh outdoor environments.


Support smart pole cloud platform and customized services

The functions of the smart lamp pole cloud platform independently developed by Baima include: large screen data display, lamp pole management,smart lighting control, environmental monitoring, video monitoring, LED screen information release, charging pile management, gateway remote management and other 12 subsystems. The software adopts modular design. Users can configure it independently according to the needs of the project, and can also access smart cities, smart scenic spots and other platforms.


More optional antennas for your choice

For different communication transmission modes such as 5G/4G/3G/WIFI, Baimatech is equipped with exclusive signal antennas, such as magnetic antennas, rod antennas, flat antennas, long-chip antennas, etc., which meet the communication construction needs of the project in different application scenarios and use environments.







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