Wireless Networking Solution for Automatic Weather Station

  • 2017-12-12
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1. Background

With the development of society, people's living standard has been gradually improved, and the pursuit of quality of life is becoming more and more high. Meteorological information as a basic life information closely related to people's daily life, more and more citizens pay more attention to its accuracy and convenience of obtaining information, especially the timely and accurate prediction of extreme weather, which can minimize people's personal and property losses.

In order to improve the accuracy of meteorological information, improve the accuracy of data acquisition and transmission of automatic weather station timely has become the key, the original automatic weather station because the construction time is uneven, the degree of information is not the same, a lot of data is not accurate, resulting in inaccurate data of meteorological information, to cause inconvenience to people's lives.

2. Solution

Baima wireless weather monitoring system use wireless industrial gateway to provide data transmission channel. It has an unattended and real-time automatic monitoring mode, which improve the automation and intelligence of monitoring, and ensure real-time, effective and accuracy of data. The system mainly consists of three parts: monitoring and collecting terminal, wireless data transmission terminal and data center. The functions of each part are as follows:

Monitoring: acquisition terminal consists mainly of anemometer, wind instrument, gauge, PM2.5 monitor and PM10 monitor, air temperature and humidity sensor, atmospheric pressure monitor and a series of sensors, mainly responsible for real-time monitoring of field data.

Wireless data transmission terminal: using Baima BMG500 industrial gateway, is mainly responsible for using wireless network to transmit data and video and pictures of each sensor to central server, and provide downstream control channel for the server.

Solution for Automatic Weather Station

Data center: mainly include data server, application server, monitor display and so on. It is mainly responsible for data storage and analysis, as well as remote data information release and other functions.

3. The advantages

  • By using wireless communication, no manual operation, the instrument can collect automatically and report in real time, real-time data monitoring is high, and a lot of manpower and material cost is saved.

  • By using Baima BMG500 industrial gateway, data intelligence collection, multi protocol conversion, intelligent gateway, 4G communication, data processing and forwarding, virtual private network, local storage and other functions are integrated.

  • Adopt Baima BMG500 Industrial gateway, which support a variety of protocols such as OPC, Modbus, IEC60870-101/102/103/104, DNP3, DLT645, BACnet, jsons and so on. (Customizable)

  • BMG500 compatible with private protocols of PLC, DCS, intelligent instrument. (Customizable)

  • Automatic collection of meteorological information, and real-time reporting, data acquisition without delay.

  • The platform automatically carries out data analysis, judges the alarm information by itself, and automatically generates reports and curves.

  • The data are automatically collected by the system, without manual interference, and the data accuracy is high. The front end devices have standardized interfaces, rich interfaces and strong scalability.

  • Adopt Baima BMG500 industrial gateway, based on second development of Linux, the users can develop the upper application for second time according to the requirements of the project.

  • Configuration parameters can be saved, greatly improving configuration efficiency of large batch M2M devices, support parameter backup and import.

  • Baima M2M cloud platform, centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrading, diagnosis of a large number of communication terminals distributed everywhere, greatly reducing the maintenance cost of operators, integrators, equipment providers and other parties, and improving management efficiency.

  • With GPS positioning function (optional), wireless communication and GPS positioning, more powerful management function, support remote configuration, remote upgrade.

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