BMG460 Embedded Wireless Gateway
Series Models:BMG460
BMG460 is a small embedded industrial wireless gateway, and is widely used in working conditions with compact volume and harsh environment. It integrates 4G / 3G / WIFI and wireless communication; embedded TCP / IP, UDP, FTP, HTTP and other communication protocols
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BMG460 is a compact embedded industrial wireless gateway, integrated 4G / 3G / WIFI wireless communication, and compatible with EDGE, CDMA 1X and GPRS network; support wired and wireless dual backup; support network port and serial communication; support VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, IPSEC, PPTP and L2TP; embedded TCP / IP, UDP, FTP and HTTP.


Stable Communication

BBMG460 embedded wireless gateway, has 1 WAN port, 1 LAN port (can be configured as 2 LAN ports), 2 TTL serial ports, all pin design, tight and firm connection, stable  communication. It supports data, pictures, voice, video and other wireless transmission.


Typical Application Scenario

5G/4G industrial embedded gateway, highly integrated with user’s products, is widely used in working conditions with compact volume and harsh environment. Such as industry 4.0, industrial equipment networking communication, industrial robots, explosion-proof robots, portable inspection equipment, etc.


Small Size

BMG460 embedded gateway has small size like a business card,which saves structural space.The portable and mobile device application are great.


4G Full Netcom

Integrated 4G / 3G full netcom wireless communication,  has wireless network and wired network mutual backup. It has software, hardware, CPU triple watchdog, the equipment automatically monitor the working status, when the gateway device is abnormal, intelligent software awakening or hardware power restart, reset the gateway to ensure  normal operation of the gateway.It supports detection mechanisms such as PPP heartbeat, ICMP detection, TCP Keepalive and application heartbeat, fault self-recovery,  re-connection, maintain the wireless connection “permanent online”.It supports various VPN modes including OpenVPN, IPSEC, PPTP, and L2TP.


Convenient Device WIFI Networking and Data Access

Equipped with WIFI module,it supports the rapid construction of industrial-grade WIFI network, facilitating the device WIFI coverage or local configuration through WIFI.


Support MQTT and other mainstream communication protocols

BMG460 embedded gateway, supports mainstream industrial communication protocols, including MQTT, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, FTP, HTTP, etc.It can connect with third-party cloud platforms such as Ali Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Huawei Cloud and Amazon Cloud.It supports customized private communication protocol.


Support Upper-Level Application Development

Pre-install Linux operating system, integrates Python development environment and C language development environment, provides cross-compilation tools and development guidance, and provides a stable and fast platform for users' secondary application development. Users can easily call a variety of interfaces and resources of the system to create differentiated core competitiveness.


Support the Cloud Configuration and Local Configuration Dual Mode

Provide powerful central management software, and provide centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrade, and diagnosis of a large number of security gateways. There is no upper limit to the number of gateways managed by the central management software. Greatly improve the management efficiency of the project Party A, integrators, operators, equipment providers and other parties.


Designed for Unattended Environment

BMG460 embedded gateway, high welding quality, stable performance. All devices including processing chips, memory chips, memory chips, communication modules and power devices are industrial grade devices. EMC electromagnetic compatibility up to three standards, high and low temperature resistance (-40℃ to 75℃), super moisture-proof, lightning protection, anti-electromagnetic interference ability, can adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions.





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