Dust Monitoring and Control Solution of Smart Site

  • 2018-05-27
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Application background of dust monitoring

Fugitive dust, also known as dust, is inhaled through the mouth and nose into the respiratory system, also known as inhalable particulate matter PM10/PM2.5. When people are exposed to PM10/PM2.5 over standard environment for a long period of time, they will inhale large quantities of particulate matter and accumulate over time.

Application background of dust monitoring

In the urban environment, the dust of the construction site includes both the dust and dust caused by various construction links in the construction site, as well as the second traffic dust caused by the construction and transportation vehicles.

As the emission of dust from construction sites is generally low, and often concentrated in densely populated urban areas, a large number of complaints are caused by the dust of the construction site, and the government supervision department has been puzzled by the lack of real-time monitoring data on the site.

Dust monitoring system

In order to facilitate the management of the supervision departments at all levels to realize "intelligence + interconnection + synergy", Baima technology puts forward the intelligent monitoring system based on BMD100 Cellular IP Modem. The intelligent monitoring system integrates the monitoring of multiple environmental parameters such as total suspended particles, PM10, PM2.5, temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind speed, video picture capture, and so on. 24 hours online continuous monitoring to provide the air quality data of the site, the automatic start up monitoring equipment in excess of the alarm value, with multi parameters and real-time performance.

Dust monitoring system

The linkage between dust monitoring and dust control

In addition to realizing the real-time monitoring of the dust, through BMD100 Cellular IP Modem network, the dust monitoring system is connected with the dust lowering equipment (fog gun, tower crane spray system, enclosure spray system, water cannon, etc.). When the dust exceeds the standard, it automatically opens the dust drop equipment, greatly improves the management efficiency and truly realizes the air pollution.

The linkage between dust monitoring and dust control

Wireless communication solution for dust monitoring

In the construction of dust monitoring system, wireless communication is the most important networking and communication guarantee for remote monitoring. Based on wireless communication transmission of 4G/3G/NB-IoT network, Baima can not only help the customers to quickly complete the communication deployment, but also can encrypt the transmission process by VPN, so as to meet the information security requirements of the environmental supervision departments at all levels.

The managers do not need to monitor the environment in real time at the site of the construction. Once the environmental pollution occurs, the dust falling equipment is opened through the computer management platform or the mobile management platform.

solution for dust monitoring

Application advantages of BMD100 industrial Cellular IP Modem

Application advantages of BMD100 industrial Cellular IP Modem

Unattended purpose: high and low temperature, stable work under dust and strong electromagnetic environment, especially suitable for outdoor environment in construction site.

Simple and rapid network: without wiring, BMD100 industrial wireless Cellular IP Modem can be configured to network, the communication distance is not restricted, 5 center synchronous transmission, which facilitates the real-time monitoring, remote monitoring and cooperative management of various departments.

Convenient expansion: BMD100 industrial wireless Cellular IP Modem has full, flexible adaptability and extensible ability to fit the needs of project installment construction, effectively reduce initial investment and enable the existing system to be filled in the future. The existing investment will not be wasted in the future, making it easy for the system to expand and upgrade.

Cost saving: wireless communication system is charged only when the traffic flow is generated, charging according to the amount of data transmission, charging more scientifically and reasonably, making online monitoring system running online 24 hours a day with low price.

Permanent online: BMD100 industrial wireless Cellular IP Modem built-in multi-layer watchdog, guarantee equipment to keep online, if there is a drop, the internal mechanism immediately forces the equipment to restart, to ensure that the system is permanent online.

Remote configuration and upgrading: BMD100 industrial wireless Cellular IP Modem has wireless configuration and upgrade functions, which provides great convenience for the work of field managers and remote managers.

Baima technology

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