5G industrial gateway BMG5100
Series Models:BMG5100
BMG5100 series 5G industrial gateway, support 5G network, configured with 5 gigabit network ports, 4 POE and other rich interfaces 5G intelligent gateway, widely used in intelligent manufacturing, smart medical care, smart city and other strict requirements for data delay scenarios.
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5G gigabit industrial wireless gateway, a leap of new era

5G is a leap of new era, with a peak downlink data rate of 20Gbps and a peak uplink data rate of 10Gbps, with an end-to-end delay of less than 5 milliseconds. 5G will have transmission speed that beyond fiber, Real-Time World capability that beyond industrial buses, and All-Online Everywhere,to digitalize the industry and become fundamental productivity.


Provide 15 key capabilities for the industrial Internet of Things

Provide equipment access, data acquisition, edge computing, data processing, protocol conversion, data forwarding, 5G / 4G / wired integrated communication transmission, local cache,offline transmission, remote configuration management, exceed threshold alarm, security encryption protection, anti-interference, usability, etc.


Powerful 5G Industrial Gateway--BMG5100 Series

5G gigabit industrial wireless gateway BMG5100 has the advantages of high bandwidth, high reliability, low delay and mobility. It integrates the functions of intelligent data collection, conversion of various communication protocols, 5G wireless communication, VPN virtual private network, local storage, WIFI coverage, data multi-center transmission, data breakpoint continuous transmission, etc. It has powerful equipment access ability, communication protocol conversion ability, computing and processing ability, linkage control ability.


5 Gigabit network ports, 4 POE and other interfaces

Rich industry application interface, with 4 gigabit LAN, 1  gigabit WLAN (WAN port can be reused as LAN port), 1 RS485, 1 RS232(optional RS485), 2 DI, 3 relay, 3 ADC (DI/ relay /ADC are 5G standard configuration, optional for 4G), 4 POE power supply (optional), Wifi function (optional), single-mode dual-card (optional), dual-mode dual-card (optional), and TF card.


Designed for industrial unattended environments

It has the application patent of harsh working conditions and the industrial communication module is equipped with high-speed processor.The EMC reaches level 4 and has materials that can be resistant to high and low temperature (-40℃ to 80℃), wide pressure (5V-35V).It has metal appearance, strong moisture-proof, lightning protection, electromagnetic interference prevention ability to adapt to a variety of harsh industrial application environment. DIN rail installation, easy to implement and maintenance.


Supports local and remote management to improve efficiency

BMG5100 series 5G gigabit industrial wireless gateway has serial port for local configuration.It supports remote parameter setting (in both platform and SMS mode). Baimatech provides powerful gateway remote management software to carry out remote monitoring, remote configuration, remote upgrade, remote control and so on for a large number of 5G industrial gateways distributed around the country, which greatly improves the management efficiency of project integrators, operators, equipment providers and other parties.


Typical application of 5G Gigabit industrial wireless gateway

It has high reliability, low latency, and real-time and bandwidth-sensitive collection and transmission of various data streams, such as data, files, pictures, animations, sounds, and videos. Application scenarios include Internet of vehicles, industrial control, and telemedicine. Assist users to form cross-equipment, cross-system, cross-factory, cross-regional connectivity, so as to improve efficiency, promote the intelligentialize of the system.







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