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We Focus on Industrial IoT

Xiamen Baima Technology Co., Ltd. is a major industrial IoT communication products and solutions provider.

Our company provide product R&D, international operation, and platform service, who aim to become a leader in Internet of Things field.


4 Main business

Baima have advanced and completed industrial wireless communication products and IoT solutions.

1. M2M products

5G/4G/3G/2G router, 5G/4G/3G/2G modem/DTU, M2M gateway, Ethernet switch,

NB-IoT/Zigbee/LoRa device, and other networking products.

M2M products

2. Industry vertical application products

Integrate industry proprietary protocols and applications, designed for equipment remote monitoring,

water conservancy information, self-service terminal, intelligent environmental protection and other vertical applications.

Industry vertical application product line

3. IoT platform

Provide M2M platform, equipment management platform, industry custom platform,

one-stop service of communication networking to platform application.

IOT application platform

4. Custom cooperation

ODM/OEM service, including brand customization, structure customization,

hardware customization, software customization, protocol customization.

Custom cooperation

Independent R&D

The development of each product is the comprehensive construction process of market,

technology, standard, quality control and supply capacity.

Standard production & strict quality control

Baima has gained a lot of experience in components selection, supply chain management, production and quality control.

We select advanced and well managed modern factory to achieve batch or flexible delivery.

strict quality control

Environmental and social responsibility

We comply with environmental laws and regulations, practice environmental protection design,

use environment-friendly materials and production.

Environmental and social responsibility

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