Electric carrier single / dual-lamp controller
Series Models:BM-DK-HPLC600
Baimatech BM-DK-PLC600 street lamp single / dual lamp controller, use broadband carrier communication technology,control and collect street lamp status data through the power supply cable, realize the street lamp timing switch, brightness adjustment, current and voltage measurement, power factor calculation ,fault alarm and other functions.
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Street Lamp Network Control

Baimatech BM-DK-PLC600 street lamp single/dual lamp controller, use broadband carrier communication technology,control and collect street lamp status data  through the power supply cable. There is no need to make any wiring modification, and there is no special requirement for power lines. There is no need to carry out field impedance matching, which is convenient for construction and installation. The lamp control network is convenient and efficient.


Rich Lamp Control Function

Each BM-DK-PLC600 street lamp single/dual controller has a fixed physical address (MAC address). Street lamp control functions include: timing switch, brightness regulation, current and voltage measurement, power factor calculation and fault alarm. It also has over current/over voltage/under voltage, overload protection, lamp condition and line detection, default lighting and other functions.



It supports simultaneous networking of up to 500 controller nodes, and the communication distance is over 20km. It can measure voltage, current, power, power factor, electricity and other electrical parameters and quantity of electricity (accuracy of 2%). It can control the output of 10A-220V AC voltage to provide power for various street lamps, and the switching times can reach 100000 times. It can output 0~10V or PWM voltage to dim the lamps.It has protection level IP65, high lightning protection level ±6KV (line-to-line), strong applicability in bad scenarios.


Intelligent Lighting management

Baimatech single/dual lamp controller supports automatic control and strategic management, which can carry out intelligent control and strategic deployment for the overall lighting scheme of time segment, scene and region, reduce light pollution, save energy consumption and extend the life of lamps. Baimatech intelligent lamp control system also has automatic alarm, status query, fault location, light rate analysis and other functions, which is convenient to repair the system.







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