BMG700 multifunction pole intelligent gateway
Series Models:BMG700
BMG700 multi-functional pole intelligent gateway is suitable for the construction of smart lamp pole in smart community, intelligent scenic spot, smart park and other scenarios.
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BMG700 edge computing gateway——the core of smart poles

The BMG700 edge computing gateway is suitable for the construction of smart lamp pole in smart parks, intelligent scenic spots, smart parks and other scenarios, providing comprehensive communication, edge computing, protocol conversion, connection on the cloud, remote management and other functions for the smart lamp poles.The product configuration is moderate, powerful, easy to use and cost-effective. It has passed a variety of harsh working conditions project application test and widely praised by users. It is the ideal choice for the construction of smart lamp pole system.


Typical Application


Extensive matching of each intelligent subsystem

It has rich communication protocol box, and realizes communication protocol docking and drive matching with mainstream brand intelligent peripherals, including: video camera, LED information screen, environmental protection sensing, weather sensing,  alarm box, door switch alarm, IP sound column broadcast, charging pile, 5G micro station, WIFI AP, etc.It can help users quickly realize system integration and project construction of smart lamp pole


Rich communication interface, flexible matching

The BMG700 edge computing gateway has the characteristics of manifold access devices, communication interfaces, and compatible communication protocols.Communication interfaces include: 3 LAN, 1 WLAN (reusable as LAN), 2 RS232,3 RS485,2 ADC, 2 DI, 1 CAN (optional), 2 relay (optional), WIFI function (optional), GPS function (optional), SM encryption communication (optional), single mode dual card (optional), dual mode dual card (optional), TF card (optional).


Large capacity storage, data storage for 10 years

Powerful local storage and external expansion storage function, equipped with USB, TF card interface, can save more than 10 years of collection data, set parameters and historical data.The data is without losing when lost power.


Pass many harsh working conditions tests

All components are selected according to the industrial standard: thickened metal shell, strong and durable; high EMC electromagnetic compatibility, stable working in strong electromagnetic environment ; high and low temperature resistance (-40℃ to 85℃); wide pressure, super moisture, lightning and electromagnetic anti-interference capability, adapted to various harsh conditions.Standard production technology and strict quality protection system make sure that the quality can beyond customer’s expectations.


Smart lamp pole management platform

Baimatech smart lamp pole platform functions include: data display, single lamp control, video monitoring, information release, one-click alarm, wireless WIFI-AP, environmental sensing, charging pile management system, broadcasting system, water management system, etc.The BMG700 edge computing gateway is connected with third-party cloud platforms such as Ali Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Huawei Cloud and Amazon Cloud.It matches  the smart lamp pole private cloud platform developed by enterprises; and connect with the smart lamp pole cloud platform independently developed by Baimatech


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