BMD100 Cellular IP Modem remote configuration tutorials

  • 2017-07-20
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There are three ways to reconfigure or modify Cellular IP Modem parameters after Cellular IP Modem has been installed in remote side, as below:

BMD100 Cellular IP Modem can be configured by Remote configure tool, SMS configuration, Online AT commands, etc.

1. Remote configure tool:

Cellular IP Modem has a DEMO with remote configuration function, using this DEMO to complete the configuration of part of Cellular IP Modem parameters. Select remote ID that needs to configure, then click "enter". In the log window, it will show that "entering configuration state, please wait a moment". After entering the configuration state, it will prompt "parameter loading done, please operate as soon as possible", as shown below. After that, the parameters can be modified. After the completion of the modification, click "save". After the configuration is completed, click "release" or wait for a minute to exit configuration state.

Remote configure tool

2. SMS configuration

DTU can also be configured by text messages, using a cell phone to edit a specific format of SMS and send it to DTU. The specific format is as below:


If the command is more than 140 characters, please divide into multiple messages (it do not support long message).


        The format of SMS configuration is as below:

        <password; command 1;command 2>

        Password: the default is 123456

        Command: remove the command after "AT+"

        Example: <123456;IPAD=;PORT=9999>

        Description: password123456, setting the address to is port 9999

For specific at commands, please refer to Cellular IP Modem manual.

3. Online AT commands

Cellular IP Modem can also be configured directly through remote AT commands (specific AT commands, please check the appendix of Cellular IP Modem manual). The steps are as below:

Using a network debugging assistant, select one online equipment, send the command of entering configuration, command: ***COMMIT CONFIG***, Cellular IP Modem will return Top-IOT IP Modem Remote Config Prog 0.1.0 if successfully entered remote configuration mode, as shown below, and then user can configure the parameters by at commands, DTU will return "OK" if configuration done, specific at commands, please refer to Cellular IP Modem manual.

Note: ***COMMIT CONFIG*** command is uppercase and does not take a carriage return, line feed(CRLF), the rest of at commands are not case sensitive, but must take a carriage return, line feed(CRLF).

This way can also be used for Cellular IP Modem remote upgrade. After entering remote configuration state of ***COMMIT CONFIG***, enter remote upgrade command (with carriage return, line feed) and send, return “OK”.

Cellular IP Modem remote upgrade

Cellular IP Modem remote upgrade

Note: the default remote configuration period of Cellular IP Modem is one minute, Cellular IP Modem will restart and re-entering communication state if timeout. Send remote configuration command to enter the configuration again and complete parameters setting in one minute.

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