How to sim card in Cellular IP Modem?

  • 2018-10-31
  • Author : Baima
  • PV : 2369

Note: please do not install the product under charged condition.

SIM/UIM card is a necessary accessory for Modem to connect to the network, so the SIM/UIM card must be installed correctly to achieve the stability and fast Internet access of Cellular IP Modem. Nowadays, operators have a variety of standards in the SIM/UIM card, and the Modem uses big cards. If it is a small card, it needs to be used with the corresponding card sleeve on this IP Modem.

When installing, insert the sharp point into the small yellow dot next to the SIM/UIM card seat, and the card slot will pop up. The SIM/UIM metal chip is placed outwards in the SIM/UIM card slot, inserted into the drawer and ensured to be inserted in place.

How to insert sim card in Cellular IP Modem

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