BMD100 Cellular IP Modem local configuration tutorials

  • 2017-09-21
  • Author : Baima
  • PV : 3256

1. BMD100 Cellular IP Modem interface definition as below:

Cellular IP Modem interface definition

2. BMD100 Cellular IP Modem wiring diagram as below:

Cellular IP Modem wiring diagram

3. BMD100 Cellular IP Modem configuration

DTU can be configured by configure tool, serial tool, remote program, etc. The details are as below(restart the DTU after configuration completed):

3.1 Configure tool

Configure tool is the most convenient way, and the steps are as below.

A. Open configure tool and follow the steps.

Open configure tool

B. Enter configure state

Enter configure state

C. Configure serial parameters

Configure serial parameters

D. Configure server parameters

Configure server parameters

These are the parameters that must be configured, and other parameters are configured in view of actual requirements or remain unchanged.

3.2 Serial tool configure

A. Enter configure state, follow operation steps as below:

configure state

B. Configure the parameters

Configure the parameters

Completed example setting as above, configure done by returning, OK, AT command no case-sensitive

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