City Heating Equipment Networking Solution

  • 2017-11-25
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1. Background

Central heating is a national strategy, but also the policy of the northern region for the winter. Central heating is a long-term project, needs to be phased in the implementation, the construction period is long. Outdoor heating network is mostly branched pipe network, near hot, far cold, hydraulic malfunction, and there is no effective pressure regulating equipment. To ensure heating standard, large flow and overload heating is needed; indoor heating system mostly adopts single pipe system. Heat users can not adjust the flow according to indoor temperature.

The room temperature is too high the heat users can adjust the room temperature by window, resulting in energy waste, and the room temperature is too low and the user does not reach the design standards; city heating system at present are not according to the change of outdoor temperature effectively and timely adjust heat flux and the temperature of water supply, and with large flow rate and small temperature difference operation, large leakage the high power consumption.

City Heating Equipment Networking Solution

Currently the majority of China's heating management is the manual mode of operation, the lack of timely supervision, state monitor and fault detection is not timely, a large number of problems solving is not timely, resulting in a lot of impact on residents living and working, at the same time but also a waste of energy.

2. Solution

At present, energy conservation and environmental protection have become a common understanding of human beings. We should carefully analyze and study energy saving measures from the whole system of city heating, reduce the waste of energy in all links of production and use. Baima networking solution of city heating is mainly composed of the following parts.

City Heating Equipment Networking Solution

Front end sensor: it is mainly composed of pressure sensor, flowmeter, liquid level meter, temperature sensor and so on. It is used to monitor the state of the front end.

Baima data transmission terminal: mainly composed of BMD100 DTU, wireless data transmission terminal and PC software platform, through wireless network, the system real time monitor temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level and other parameters, control the equipment of each station. At the same time, according to on-site monitoring of the various heat transfer station operating parameters, adjusting the power plant operating conditions, ensure the stable operation of the whole heating in winter.

Platform software: the role of platform software is to statistically analyze the operation data of city heating equipment, connect with the upper and lower platforms, provide real-time decision-making basic data, and provide basic data for city management center for city monitoring.

3. The advantages

  • High system stability: data transmission of the system use 4G network, large bandwidth, each terminal is relatively independent and high stability.

  • Strong anti-interference ability: all parts of the system use industrial grade components, and anti-interference ability is strong.

  • The system has strong scalability: multi terminal is relatively independent, extensible, the platform is reserved, convenient for expansion.

  • Low cost of the system: using wireless communication way, save a lot of wiring and other construction costs.

  • The system has strong real-time performance: the system collect data in real time, terminal real-time alarm and low delay.

  • Rich interface, configuring I/O, ADC, RS232, RS485 and other interfaces. It facilitates front end to connect all kinds of intelligent devices, collecting analog, digital or switching data, and uploading data according to the protocol.

  • Baima BMD100 communication compatible with 4G/3G/2.5G network, strong signal search ability and strong signal reception ability.

  • Baima BMD100 communication is stable and reliable, multi technology guarantees wireless connection "permanent online".

  • Data security, support private network access, support for main center communication, support multi center synchronous data transmission, support special network access, and ensure data security.

  • Easy maintenance, support remote management, remote configuration, remote upgrade function, and reduce operation cost.

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