BMS100 Single Serial Ethernet Converter
Series Models:BMS100
BMS100 Serial to Ethernet converter, with a RS232 and a RS485 serial port to realize two-way transparent transmission of RS232/RS485 and Ethernet
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BMS100 - Serial device networking tool

Serial data is converted into Ethernet data, which facilitates the access of serial device to the LAN and the Internet

BMS100--Serial device networking tool

Completed interface

BMS100 Serial to Ethernet converter, with a RS232 and a RS485 serial port
to realize two-way transparent transmission of RS232/RS485 and Ethernet

Completed interface

Data conversion, transparent transmission

To complete data transparent conversion of IP package of RS232/RS422/RS485 and Ethernet

Data conversion, transparent transmission

Working principle

After receiving the data from serial port, BMS100 package and forward TCP data to target PC.
Target PC receive and unpack TCP data, and extract the user’s data. BMS100 receive and unpack TCP data, and send the data to slave device

Working principle

4 Working mode optional

Support working mode of TCP server, TCP client, UDP module, and virtual serial port

4 Working mode optional

Industrial grade design

Ensure long-term stable, reliable and safe use in harsh environments
(such as high temperature, low temperature, dust, electromagnetic interference, vibration, etc.)

Durable aluminum shell

High standard EMC electromagnetic compatibility

All components are selected according to industrial grade standards, and cooperate with famous brands

High and low temperature (-40 to 80℃)

Standardize production process and strict quality assurance system

Industrial grade design

Support local or remote configuration and upgrade

Centralized monitoring, configuration, upgrade and diagnose Baima equipment,
which greatly reduces maintenance cost of operators, integrators, equipment providers and other parties

Support local or remote configuration and upgrade


BMS100 RS232/RS485/RS422 Single Serial Ethernet Converter Structural dimension









32 bits


Serial port


X 2

Serial 1: RS485/RS422

Serial 2: RS232

Stop bit, check bit can be set

Baud rate: 3800~115200

Signal: RXD, TXD, GND


X 1


1.5KV isolation



LED indicators

X 3

10/100M, T/R, SYS



DC 9~24V, 300mA, ripple <0.5%

IP grade


Physical isolation



-25 - +70ºC


-40 - +80ºC


95% (unfreezing)

Physical features


Aluminum, anti-rust design


Wall mounted




Remote Monitoring Solution for Oil Pumping Unit in Oil Field

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Remote Operation and Maintenance Solution for Air Compressor Equipment

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