5G+WiFi6 Industrial CPE Gateway
Series Models:BMG-CPE
Baimatech 5G + WiFi6 industrial CPE gateway, mainly used in smart mines, smart tunnels, smart cities and other fields. Integrating 5G and WIFI6, it combines the low delay and high bandwidth of 5G with the good compatibility and low cost of WIFI 6
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Baimatech 5G+WiFi6 Industrial CPE Gateway

Baimatech 5G+WiFi6 industrial intelligent CPE gateway is designed for the development of smart mine Internet of Things. It integrates 5G and WIFI6,and combines the low delay and high bandwidth of 5G with the good compatibility and low cost of WIFI 6 to build a strong mine communication network, and support the construction of smart mines.


Top Speed 5G

Baimatech 5G + WiFi6 embedded industrial CPE gateway meets the requirements of high-definition video, remote control, intelligent inspection, automatic driving and other applications in the intelligent construction of coal mine. Select industrial grade 5G communication module, support 5G NR cellular wireless network, compatible with 3G / 4G full netcom, fully release the advantages of 5G large bandwidth, low delay and multi-connection, and realize centralized data collection, high-speed transmission,  and real-time control. Support the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and objects in the mining area, and build a network of smart coal mines.


Industrial CPE, Support Mine WIFI6 Coverage

Baimatech CPE gateway meets the needs of high reliability, high real-time and high uplink bandwidth for WIFI wireless network transmission in special scenarios such as underground working , roadway, mechanical and electrical equipment room. Support WiFi 6(802.11ax on hardware and software) communication technology standard, covering 2.4&5.8GHz dual frequency band, throughput up to 9.6 Gbps. WiFi6 8×8 MU-MIMO feature, support the online network of more terminal monitoring equipment at the same time,carrying greater traffic, the system is stable and smooth.


Rich Functional Interface

Baimatech 5G+WiFi6 embedded industrial CPE gateway, Ethernet optical port, Ethernet power port, support full duplex / half duplex, including 7 gigabit LAN port, 1 road gigabit WAN port, 2 gigabit light port, 2 RS485,1 DC24V output, 1 DC12V output, 4 PoE power supply output, convenient field interface equipment communication access, power access,flexible project network.


Fully Compatible Mainstream Protocol

Baimatech CPE gateway has built-in mainstream industrial communication protocol, including MQTT, HJ212, JSON, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, FTP, HTTP, Modbus RTU / ModbusTCP, etc., convenient facilities and equipment docking, save the testing time.It has realized the docking with Ali Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Amazon Cloud, and other third-party cloud platforms, and can also be connected with the self-built private cloud platform of enterprises.


Intelligent Application of Coal Mine

Baimatech 5G+WiFi6 embedded industrial CPE gateway, using industrial-level high-performance CPU, supports strong edge computing capability, and can develop and realize intelligent applications of intelligent mining and production control, environmental monitoring and safety protection, unmanned drive / transportation, and remote control interaction.


Embedded Carrying Scheme

Baimatech CPE gateway supports embedded carrying scheme, which can be deeply integrated with the smart mine Internet of Things system, and can be directly carried in production facilities and equipment such as electromechanic, washing, auxiliary transportation, tunneling, ventilation, and transportation vehicles according to the needs. It can save the structure and space of equipment and additional wiring, and has significant application advantages.


Support Secondary Development

CPE gateway pre-install application mature Linux operating system, integrates Python development environment and C language development environment, provides cross-compilation tools and development guidance, facilitates users to carry out secondary application development according to the needs of smart mine construction.Users can easily call various interfaces and resources of the system to create differentiated core competitiveness.


Strong Applicability, Harsh Environment Application Patent

Baimatech CPE gateway, industrial design, select chips and devices according to the industrial standard. Gateway has obtained the patent of stable operation in the bad environment, with CCC certification, EMC test report, high and low temperature resistance test report, with super moisture-proof, lightning protection, anti-electromagnetic interference ability, adapt to the coal mine environment, so as to ensure the stable wireless transmission of data.





Remote Monitoring Solution for Oil Pumping Unit in Oil Field

The pumping unit remote monitoring and maintenance system adopts distributed structure, the high precision sensor monitoring of pumping unit load, the motor three-phase current, voltage, stroke, and indicator diagram, current and other parameters, all on-site operation parameters sending to the center by Baima BMD100 DTU.

Wireless Networking Solution for Mobile Law Enforcement Equipment

The mobile law enforcement device networking is mainly composed of Baima BMR400 industrial router, webcam, mobile law enforcement client software and central management platform.

Remote Operation and Maintenance Solution for Air Compressor Equipment

Through Baima BMD100 industrial wireless DTU, compressor equipment from all over the country are connected to air compressor monitoring management platform and centralized management.

Wireless Networking Solution for Emergency Lane Capture Equipment

Baima wireless networking solution for emergency lane capture equipment: BMR500 Industrial router, network camera, client software and cloud platform, can be 24 hours monitoring in key areas.

CNC Machine Remote Maintenance Solution

Through Baima IOT gateway BMG500, the distribution around different brands of different types of CNC machine tools to access the unified management platform for Remote Maintenance Solution

Forest Smoke Monitoring and Early Warning System

Based on the forest fire monitoring and warning system built by BMR400 router, the video, temperature, smoke, wind and other field data of each monitoring point are sent to the forestry fire prevention office at all levels through 4G/3G network.

Bridge Safety Real-time Monitoring System

Bridge safety real-time monitoring system based on the deployment of BMR400 industrial wireless cellular wifi router mainly includes: bridge structure monitoring, meteorological monitoring, vibration monitoring and/or video monitoring.

BMR400 Cellular WIFI Router in Remote Monitoring of Smart Site Tower Crane Application

Through BMR400 industrial Cellular wifi Router, managers can monitor the lifting weight, lifting torque, amplitude, height, work return angle, wind speed, overloading, regional limitation and collision protection.

Dust Monitoring and Control Solution of Smart Site

In order to facilitate the management of the supervision departments at all levels to realize "intelligence + interconnection + synergy", Baima technology puts forward the intelligent monitoring system based on BMD100 Cellular IP Modem.

Wireless Communication Network and Application for Remote Monitoring of Smart Sites

In the application layer of smart site, Baima wireless transmission terminal can synchronize 5 channels to transmit data, which is convenient for site management, construction units, equipment leasing units, safety supervision departments, environmental protection departments


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