Baimatech’s 2021 annual symposium opens the shining future

  • 2022-01-27
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In the past year, all colleagues of Baimatech have worked together and achieved great goals in the 5G + smart pole industry: including smart pole landing projects throughout the country, the most popular enterprise in the smart pole industry for two consecutive years,the smart pole gateway was awarded excellent Internet of Things products...... Entering 2022, we are still full of enthusiasm and expectations to start the bright future.


Recently, Baimatech held the annual party to welcome the New Year in Xiamen North Bay Huilong Wanda Jiahua Hotel.All the colleagues of the company gathered together, both new and old friends.We sang and danced, and welcomed the 2022 in laughter.



Baimatech show strong vitality

Looking back to 2021, Baimatech expanded the new, intelligent gateway boutique / new product line, bought a large area of independent office building, products were showed in the light Asia exhibition and other industrial exhibition, harvested edge intelligent gateway and other high-tech product patents...... The unforgettable memories are the footprints of Baimatech along the way, showing the vigorous vitality of Baimatech


Grow together and witness outstanding achievements

The brilliant achievements of the company cannot be separated from the efforts of every hard striver.This year, the company has set up a professional new talent award, excellent dedication award, elite passion award and other awards, awarded to the staff who did excellent in serving the company, dedication, positive progress,and other aspects.


After all the staff vote and leadership evaluation, each award has the most suitable candidate.Collect small steps to thousands of miles, accumulate small streams into rivers and seas. They proved with practical actions that people in every ordinary post can create extraordinary results!

All colleagues talent competition

At the annual meeting, we finally knew the talent of our colleagues. With the end of the award ceremony, we came to the stage to show our talent with enthusiasm.


The beautiful women in the administration department presented the energetic dance, and the production department colleagues presented a creative, funny new drama, attracted the audience cheered;


There are technical department colleagues who showed the crosstalk that contains humor, and the lyrics.Old boys from research and development department are also childlike, staged a naughty funny fitness dance......

爱拼才会赢 合唱.jpg

We also sang a popular classic song in southern Fujian “love to win”“three points doomed, seven points by struggle, love to win”, this is a simple but eternal truth,  also guided generations of people to forge ahead.


With the melody of this song, We wish all colleagues work together to create a shining 2022.

Gather strength, work together to the future

New Year, new opportunities.Facing the changing world, Baimatech always adheres to the spirit of “leading technology, product wisdom, professional service”, and strives to provide more and better intelligent terminal products and application solutions for 5G smart Internet of Things, lighting Internet of Things, smart city and other industry markets.


Seek development in the process of change, promote innovation in the process of development, full of hope and enthusiasm. People in Baimatech will work together for a better future of the Internet of things.

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