Baima Tech brings 5G smart pole gateway to Chongqing Smart Cross-border Exchange Conference

  • 2021-05-10
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Intelligence and the IoT have become the current key trends of smart lighting and smart lamppost. Recently, the first East-West Smart Cross-Border Exchange Conference was successfully held in Chongqing around the theme From Smart Home to Smart City. Xiamen Baima Technology, together with industry companies such as Xiaomi, Baidu, HiSilicon, China Mobile, NVC Lighting, Sanxiong Aurora, Signify, etc., exchanged ideas on how to create a vibrant smart city innovation ecosystem and Jointly promote the popularization and application of 5G smart poles and smart lighting under the concept of value symbiosis. 


Integrate east and west resources to exchange smart city development across regions

More than 300 representatives from industry associations, lighting companies, solution platform companies, design institutes, engineering units, and street lighting management departments participated in this meeting. As a representative of IoT enterprise and a manufacturer of smart lamppost gateways and smart light pole cloud platforms, Baima Tech showcased edge computing gateways, smart gateways and other products including BMG8500 series IP65 protection grade light pole gateway, BMG8200 series smart lamppost gateway cloud box, BMG8600 series edge computing AI lamppost gateway, etc., dedicated to smart pole applications at the conference.


Participants exchanged on new technologies, new intelligence, and new trends, closely fitting smart lighting applications. Smart lamppost was repeatedly mentioned at the conference. Many guests discussed the innovative development of smart lamppost, their contribution to the construction of smart cities, and the smart lamppost IoT ecosystem.


Smart lampposts are the carrier and entrance of a smart city

Lampposts no longer only provide the function of urban lighting, but increasingly become the best carrier and entrance of the smart city IoT network. In the new situation of IoT, the centralized control system with smart street light pole gateway as the core will be upgraded and transformed into a new intelligent control center integrating centralized loop control, single lamp control, power monitoring, cable leakage/disconnection alarm, and power distribution cabinet management.


Baima Smart Gateway is developed for the management and control needs of the terminal nodes of smart lampposts to meet the continuous and normal implementation of lighting and operation strategies when smart poles are in a disconnected state or a weak network state. At the same time, it also has the function of power supply and electricity metering and a built-in remote monitoring system for smart pole power status. Therefore, the smart gateway has obtained the utility patent certificate for the edge computing of the smart lamppost gateway and the utility patent certificate for the intelligent monitoring and management of power supply.


Smart lamppost gateways are paired with smart lamppost cloud platforms. One pole, multiple uses and intelligent control have become the main trend of new smart network street lights. More and more cities will use smart lampposts to achieve lighting energy saving, and municipal refinement, intelligent management.


The source of the smart pole lies in the smart gateway

During the meeting, the organizer organized the guests to visit the product booths of the co-organizers. Baima Tech appointed engineers to the site to introduce the parameters, common functions, and advantages of various smart gateway products to the guests and demonstrated the equipment access and working conditions of the Baima Smart lamppost demonstration project on the pole cloud platform.


In the process of visiting the booth, the engineers of Baima Tech also discussed with the visiting audience the comprehensive application of smart lampposts and smart multi-function poles in vehicle-road coordination, smart road monitoring and smart water conservancy. Relying on the comprehensive smart lampposts with one pole, multiple uses and developing smart municipal IoT applications that serve roads, traffic and city management, it has become the consensus of more and more IoT industry practitioners.


After the one-day meeting, the participants also participated in the dinner. The guests gathered to exchange ideas, shared what they learned and thought, combined the advantages and opportunities of their respective industrial products, and explored business opportunities for cooperation. It also brought the current East-West Intelligent Cross-Border Exchange Conference to a climax.


OEM and ODM service of Baima smart gateway products

Baima Tech's smart lamppost gateway and 5G smart gateway provide 5G smart poles with powerful device access capabilities, data collection capabilities, edge computing capabilities, data processing capabilities, protocol conversion capabilities, data forwarding capabilities, 5G/4G/wired comprehensive communication transmission capabilities, local cache capabilities, continuous network transmission capabilities, remote configuration management capabilities, over-threshold alarm capabilities, security encryption protection capabilities, anti-interference capabilities, ease of use, etc. The product lines include cost-effective BMG500 and BMG700 series smart pole gateways, and BMG8100, BMG8200 and BMG8600 series smart street light pole gateways with powerful edge computing capabilities and 5G communications. Baima Tech can provide customers with customized smart gateway OEM/ODM products. 

智慧路灯杆网关 综合杆网关 5g智慧杆网关.jpg

As many places across the country are working hard to promote the construction of smart cities, smart lampposts and smart poles have increasingly become key links in the construction of smart cities. The communication integration level, centralized control level and intelligence level of the smart lamppost determine the application strength of the smart street light. Xiamen Baima Tech specializes in providing services such as 5G smart lamppost, smart lighting IoT, overall solutions, and vigorously promotes the development of smart pole applications.

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