Baima integrated pole edge intelligent gateway obtained 2 power safety management patents

  • 2021-05-25
  • Author: BaimaTech
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In the application scenarios of 5G smart poles, multifunctional integrated poles and smart towers, there are many devices mounted on the light poles, and the power supply forms include AC power supply, DC power supply and PoE power supply. The smart light pole gateway's power supply safety and controllable, energy consumption can be independently monitored, AC power can be remotely started and stopped, and other functions are the fundamental guarantee for the successful implementation of the smart pole project and subsequent safe operation.

Recently, Baima Tech has received good news again. The smart lamppost gateway developed and produced by the company has added 2 power safety management patents.

Patent 1, Edge smart gateway with meter function and remote monitoring system for power status

Patent 2, Edge Intelligent Gateway for Power Supply Security Management


highlights one of the patented technologies 

Edge smart gateway with meter function and remote monitoring system for power

Baima Edge Smart Gateway integrates the meter function and the power status remote monitoring system function into one. It supports monitoring the power consumption data of smart lighting, video surveillance machines, environmental monitoring sensors, LED displays, IP broadcast sound columns, charging piles, micro base stations, WiFi equipment and other electric facilities, and realize the remote start and stop control of the above-mentioned equipment.


Baima Smart Pole Power Supply Management Gateway is designed with independent power supply to provide dedicated power supply and measurement for different devices. It can measure the electrical parameters of a single device with high precision, including AC voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency and other power consumption data.


The edge intelligent algorithm carried by Baima Gateway can adaptively execute the power consumption strategy of pole-mounted equipment, such as intelligent lighting luminosity adjustment, pole-mounted display control, and start and stop of broadcast speakers without manual intervention.

highlights one of the patented technologies

Edge Intelligent Gateway for Power Supply Security Management

Baima's smart power management gateway guarantees the power security of pole-mounted equipment at the software and hardware levels.

In terms of hardware, the gateway's strong current input and output interfaces all adopt waterproof connectors, all-metal shell design, power supply devices and power supply management chips all adopt industrial-grade standards and the gateway has flame retardant, moisture-proof, lightning-proof and electromagnetic interference-proof capabilities to ensure smart lamppost can safely supply and use electricity in various environments.

供电集控网关 灯杆供电网关.jpg

At the software level, the intelligent edge algorithm built into the Baima gateway can monitor the parameters of each device in real time, and provide detection of voltage loss and reverse sequence of voltage and current. Once the light pole equipment is overloaded or leaked during the electricity use process, the intelligent edge gateway will automatically report an alarm, and quickly implement mechanisms such as opening, isolation, and power failure to ensure the safety of electricity use.


Synchronous upload of monitoring data to the cloud platform

Baima smart electricity consumption monitoring gateway supports Modbus protocol. With the support of Baima's multi-functional smart street light pole cloud platform, it can realize the summary analysis of the electrical parameters of the pole-mounted intelligent equipment such as current, voltage, power, power quality, etc.

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The smart pole multi-function cloud platform can also communicate and respond with Baima's smart electricity consumption monitoring gateway system and realize functions such as electricity consumption information collection, data upload and backup, data analysis and judgment, event alarm response.


Baima provides ODM/OEM services, produces customized smart street light pole power supply centralized control edge gateways for customers. According to the special needs of the electrical equipment and power supply system of the customer's project, Baima Tech can provide OEM/ODM service, interface customization, hardware customization, software customization, structure customization, etc., to meet special extended applications in different environments.

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