The Most Popular Enterprise in Smart Lamp Pole Industry

  • 2024-01-29
  • Author: Baimatech
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Baimatech appreciates the recognition and encouragement of the smart pole industry and the support of our partners.

Recently, The 2023 Smart Lamp Pole Innovation and Development Forum and Smart Lamp Pole Industry Award ceremony came to a successful end. Baimatech was once again awarded the most popular enterprise in smart lamp pole industry and has been awarded the award for four consecutive years (2020-2023).



The Most Popular Enterprise For Four Consecutive Years

As an influential award in the field of smart pole, the winning enterprises and products of “Smart Lamp Pole Industry Award” represent the benchmarking level in the field of smart pole, and have the attention and support from the whole industry.

After the comprehensive consideration of expert evaluation and online voting, Baimatech has won this title for four consecutive years, which is the recognition for Baimatech from the smart pole industry and all our partners.



The Most Complete Smart Pole Gateway Product Line

After years of accumulation and construction, Baimatech has built the industry's most complete smart pole gateway product line. In terms of functional characteristics, we have lead type DC gateway, 220V power supply gateway, IP65 waterproof gateway, edge AI gateway, etc. In terms of volume configuration, it includes “mobile phone width” micro-gateway, vertical box gateway (suitable for small and medium-sized pole body), and wide-body box full-function gateway (suitable for medium and large composite pole), which can meet the needs of various smart pole projects.


Hardware/Software/Platform/Protocol Customization

In order to help customers quickly improve the competitiveness of products, Baimatech develop product customization, covering brand labeling, communication protocol customization, software function customization, hardware function customization, structural size customization, etc



Efficient Production, On-Time Delivery

Baimatech has its own high standard production workshop. Baimatech has efficient implementation of production and delivery schedule and can ensure the customer's project period.



Professional Technology and Dedicated Service

Only with professional technology and dedicated service can we receive the trust and praise of customers. Whether it is dawn or late at night, whether it is in the cold wind or under the hot sun, the professional engineer team of Baimatech goes to the customer project site to help customers speed up the construction of the smart pole system, equipment docking, commissioning and maintenance, ensure the smooth delivery and operation of the project, and solve the problems for customers.


Smart Pole Rich Scene Application

From a city to a province, from a province to all parts of the country, the number of Baimatech’s smart poles has increased year after year, and the coverage scene and scope of smart poles have also expanded.

Today, the smart pole project cases jointly created by Baimatech and our partners have been all over the country, covering smart commercial streets, smart scenic spots, smart parks, smart transportation, smart parks and other rich scenes.


Keeping Moving

“The most popular” is just the starting point, “always popular” is the vision of Baimatech. Baimatech Technology will, as always, work together with friends and partners to continue to improve the ability of product innovation, program integration, application development, technical support and service guarantee.


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