Baimatech Won The Smart Lamp Pole Industry Innovation Award

  • 2024-01-19
  • Author: Baimatech
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On January 19, the 2023 Smart Pole Industry Award ceremony was successfully held in Shijiazhuang, focusing on the innovative products, excellent cases and excellent enterprises in the field of smart pole Internet of Things in 2023.

In the current Smart Lamp Pole Industry Award, Baimatech won two titles of “The most popular enterprise in the smart lamp pole industry” and “The smart lamp pole industry innovation award”.



New Products

Baimatech has improved research and development investment and innovative design, and since 2023, it has successively released more than ten new products of smart pole Internet of Things terminals and system platforms. Including micro smart pole gateway, AI edge smart pole gateway, “move with car” lamp controller, and V3.0 version of smart pole cloud platform, smart lighting cloud platform etc.



1. Hardware Design Innovation

Baimatech BMG8200-L series micro smart pole gateway achieve a volume reduction of nearly 50% through the innovative integrated motherboard and interface design. The volume is reduced but the function is not reduced, which is convenient for customers to develop and innovate a more beautiful and artistic new smart pole.


2.Smart Pole Application Innovation

Baimatech gives full play to the advantages of AI gateway and develops a wealth of innovative functions for smart pole applications. With the help of AI computing power +AI algorithm, the edge of the smart pole system is enabled to support a wealth of linkage strategies and management strategies.


3. Technical Program Innovation

Baimatech also strengthened the innovation of technical programs, adaptive support including power carrier, Cat.1, RS485, NEMA and other communication technology types of lamp controller, so as to realize rich intelligent lighting strategy including lights move with vehicles, lights move with people, switching strategy, environmental strategy etc.


The Smart Lamp Pole Industry Innovation Award is not only a recognition of us, but also an expectation of our future development.Baimatech is committed to the innovation and application of smart Internet of Things products and solutions, and contribute to the construction of a more intelligent, efficient and green smart city Internet of things.

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