Xiamen Internet of Things Industry Association Member Conference

  • 2024-01-03
  • Author: Baimatech
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Recently, Xiamen Internet of Things Industry Association held the third session of the second member conference. The theme is “Gathering industrial ecology to empower the digital economy”, bringing together representatives of upstream and downstream members of Xiamen Internet of Things industry, representatives of brother associations and industry, university and research experts to jointly advocate and promote the integration of the Internet of Things and intelligent manufacturing industry.


The conference also released the 2023 Xiamen excellent Internet of Things products and application solutions. Baimatech has been selected as the excellent Internet of Things products and application solutions for three consecutive years. This year, Baimatech’s selected products and solutions are respectively Baimatech BMG8500 waterproof IP65 intelligent pole edge energy gateway, and smart block multi-functional smart pole case that is based on Baimatech BMG8500 waterproof gateway. 


Excellent IoT Product:

BMG8500 Waterproof Smart Pole Gateway

Baimatech BMG8500 waterproof smart pole gateway base on the innovative structure and appearance design and professional inspection and certification, achieve IP65 dustproof and waterproof performance. It can meet the outdoor harsh and complex environmental conditions of reliable Internet of Things communication and control, to help enterprises create high-quality smart pole Internet of Things applications.    


Excellent IoT Application Solution:

Smart Block Multi-functional Smart Pole Case Base On BMG8500 Waterproof Gateway

The solution adopts Baimatech BMG8500 waterproof smart pole gateway with the V3.0 version of smart lamp pole cloud platform system. It gives full play to the advantages of multi-use smart lamp pole, with artistic design, rich functions, efficient intelligent service, convenient management, etc.


Construct Group Standard

At this meeting, the association also jointly launched an initiative with Fujian Artificial Intelligence Association, Xiamen Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Association and Xiamen Industrial Software Alliance to jointly build multidimensional group standards for products, application scenarios and application services of upstream industries such as intelligent manufacturing industry, artificial intelligence industry, Internet of Things industry and industrial software industry, and proposed mutual recognition of standards. Promote the deep cooperation between industries, integrate resources, give play to the advantages of the matrix, and promote the further growth of the Internet of Things industry.


Expand Application Scenarios

Some companies also shared theme content, introducing IoT application cases and experiences, including smart water, industrial edge Internet of Things, smart security Internet of Things, etc. From one case to another, we can see that the application of the Internet of things is constantly expanding the coverage of the scene, enriching the application mode, and becoming an important support for intelligent manufacturing, smart city, and smart life.



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