Baimatech New 5G + WiFi6 Data Acquisition Terminal Patent

  • 2023-12-08
  • Author: Baimatech
  • PV: 5681

The level of the network determines the level of the Internet of Things. As the scale of the Internet of Things expands and IoT devices increase, the requirements for communication networks continue to increase.

Baimatech adds a 5G/4G data acquisition and transmission terminal that supports WiFi6 transmission standards, which integrates 5G/4G communication capabilities and WiFi6 transmission capabilities, perfectly combines the low delay and high bandwidth of 5G with the advantages of multi-access, high speed and high security of WiFi6, and helps customers efficiently create advanced IoT applications.

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5G + WiFi6

5G and WiFi6 technologies have their own strengths, 5G is a strong support for WiFi6, and WiFi6 is a supplement and extension of 5G. 5G can meet various outdoor IoT application scenarios; WiFi6 can solve problems such as indoor network coverage and speed.

Baimatech combines 5G and WiFi6 to make up for the problems of poor indoor penetration, low coverage and high power consumption of 5G communication, and build a high-level Internet of Things.

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Low Cost, High Efficiency

Baimatech 5G intelligent terminal is equipped with high-quality 5G communication module and WiFi6 chip and supports the operator's 5G network signal convert to WiFi6 signal. Thanks to the MIMO technology of Wi-Fi6, it allows more local devices (such as various PLCS, controllers, industrial tablets, mechanical equipment, etc.) to access high-speed IoT network at the same time, to achieve more remote control, linkage control and other applications, without additional deployment of routers, local IoT network architecture is more concise, management and maintenance is more efficient.


The integration of 5G and WiFi6 communication technology has brought convenient, fast, and secure network connections to the industrial Internet of Things. Baimatech has long invested in 5G industry application integration and innovation, and its 5G/4G intelligent gateway, smart pole gateway, edge gateway, industrial router, digital acquisition terminal and other products can now support WiFi6, helping customers to achieve advanced Internet of Things.


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