Baimatech Pass the ISO9001 in 2023

  • 2023-07-27
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Product quality is the cornerstone of enterprise brand, and quality management system is the fundamental guarantee of product quality. Since Baimatech officially introduced the ISO9001 quality management system, the responsibilities and rights of each department are clear, the system and rules of each process are clear, and the management and control of product quality and the efficiency of enterprise operation of our company have been improved to a higher level.


Baimatech Pass the ISO9001 in 2023

Recently, Baimatech took the 2023 ISO9001 quality management system supervision and review. After two days of careful review by the external audit expert group, the content of quality management of Baimatech meets the set goals and successfully passed the certification external audit.


Thanks to the effective implementation of the quality management system, Baimatech has been awarded the most popular enterprise in the smart pole industry for three consecutive years, and has been awarded the excellent Internet of Things products and Internet of Things excellent supply chain awards in recent years, showing that the quality of our products has been widely recognized by the market.


Implement the Quality Management System

The external review team reviewed the sales center, research and development center and production plant site, and conducted a careful review of product design, supply chain, production, quality control and other departments. All departments of Baimatech have demonstrated the implementation of ISO9001 quality management system.


Relying on scientific and strict quality management system standards, Baimatech has built product lines covering 5G gateway, edge computing gateway, smart pole gateway, industrial wireless router, wireless communication terminal and other categories,  meeting the needs of industrial Internet of Things, intelligent monitoring, smart transportation, smart municipal, smart street lamp pole and other industries.


Patent Innovation + Professional Certification

Baimatech has R & D capability advantage, control the quality of products from the source. Baimatech has edge computing patents, harsh environment application patents, power supply safety management patents and other practical product patents, while the products also have CQC certification, CE certification, EMC certification, etc., to create the brand competitiveness.


The pass of this certification review represents that Baimatech continues to operate at a standardized level, and the management system and product quality are stable and reliable. In the future, Baimatech will, as always, strictly implement the rules and regulations of the quality management system, and continue to provide customers with high-quality technology and services.

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