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  • 2023-08-25
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In industrial Internet of Things applications, there may be network fluctuations or even interruptions due to signal fluctuations, environmental interference, unexpected events and other factors, which will have a serious impact on industrial production and manufacturing, equipment monitoring and management.

Baimatech obtains a new patent: The utility model provides a 5G/4G intelligent gateway that supports intelligent switching between active and standby links. It supports intelligent switching between wired network and 5G/4G network, dual-operator 5G/4G network, intelligent switching between wired network and multi-operator network, etc., and establishes intelligent, flexible and stable network links for industrial Internet of Things scenarios. It fully ensures the sustainable and efficient operation of industrial production.


1、Intelligent Switching Between Wired network and 5G/4G Wireless Network

This link switching mode is applicable to the smart gateway that supports both wired and 5G/4G wireless Internet access. When either Internet access mode fluctuates or is blocked, the gateway can flexibly switch to the standby mode to connect to the Internet, ensuring that the network is not interrupted, the device is not dropped, and the data is not lost, creating a strong and reliable Internet of Things network.

Take Baimatech BMG5100 intelligent 5G gateway as an example. The gateway meets the intelligent switching between wired network and 5G/4G wireless network, and can be applied to smart chain brand stores, retail stores and other scenarios, and supports automatic reconnection, manual switching, etc., to build a reliable smart retail IoT network.


2. Dual Operator 5G/4G Network Intelligent Switching

In this link switching mode, when the 5G/4G network of one operator has blind spots, fluctuations, and interruptions, the gateway can quickly and automatically switch to the 5G/4G network of another operator to keep the smooth network communication.

Take Baimatech BMG2300 micro 5G intelligent gateway as an example. The gateway adopts dual-card dual-network design, supporting the insertion of two IoT cards at the same time, to achieve dual-operator network online and intelligent link switching


The dual-operator 5G/4G network intelligent switching scheme is suitable for outdoor remote monitoring applications such as environmental monitoring, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, energy monitoring, etc. The gateway can intelligently switch and link the best operator 5G/4G signal on the project site to ensure high speed, high efficiency and low delay of data transmission.


3.Wired, Wireless and Multi-Operator Network Intelligent Switching

Baimatech 5G intelligent gateway series products have fully supported the latest Internet of Things card - Yuntu card. A Yuntu physical card integrated the communication capabilities of China Mobile, Telecom, Unicom operators, improving the efficiency and quality of network connectivity.

Baimatech BMG5000 Gigabit 5G intelligent gateway can realize intelligent switching of wired wireless and multi-operator networks based on three network cards. In various application scenarios, it can intelligently switch the wired network with the best signal and rate according to the field network condition, or the 5G/4G network of any operator to ensure the sustainable application of the Internet of Things.


4. Pass a Variety of Professional Tests

In order to improve the reliability and stability of industrial gateway’s work in harsh and complex environments, Baimatech Industrial 5G Gateway has passed a variety of tests, including high and low temperature testing, EMC testing, functional reliability testing, etc.


Based on a complete R & D talent team and strong innovation ability, Baimatech support customers' application needs in the industrial Internet of Things. In recent years, Baimatech has been issued a number of product patents, including smart pole edge computing gateway patents, video analysis intelligent linkage gateway patents, power supply security management gateway patents, and a number of patents are being approved.

Baimatech bases on technology, enabling the industry's Internet of Things application, and creating a bright future of smart Internet of Things.

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