GuangZhou International Lighting Exhibition Review

  • 2023-06-16
  • Author: Baimatech
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As the vane of the global lighting and LED applications, smart pole Internet of Things industry, the 28th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition attracted more than 3,000 brand companies from 18 countries around the world.

Baimatech has participated in this exhibition for four consecutive years. This year we create a new special booth, focused on the smart pole gateway, V3.0 smart pole cloud platform, intelligent lamp controller and other product lines, and on-site demonstration of the smart pole ten linkage functions, cloud platform AI management functions.



A lot of guests

This year, Baimatech adopted a special booth design to welcome visitors from all over the world.




Smart Pole 10 Linkage Demonstration

In order to improve visitors’ perception to the smart pole application, Baimatech launched a new smart pole demonstration system. Audience could experience a number of edge intelligent linkage functions such as the intelligent lighting of the smart street lamp pole,one-button alarm + camera linkage, camera + information screen display linkage, event capture + sound column alarm linkage, environmental sensor + information screen linkage, relay power failure protection linkage, equipment compartment abnormal open linkage platform alarm, etc





Smart Pole Cloud Platform

The most intelligent products on Baimatech booth was the newly upgraded Baimatech V3.0 version smart pole cloud platform. Baimatech V3.0 smart pole cloud platform area demonstrated three-dimensional map, AI linkage, lighting management, video management, system management and other functions on the scene.




Smart Lamp Pole: Field Experience

Baimatech deployed the smart street lamp pole sample on the booth to show the field effect of the smart pole equipped with various functional equipment. This sample pole is designed based on Baimatech BMG8200 AC smart pole gateway and mounted intelligent monitoring, environmental sensing, LED large screen, intelligent lighting, wireless charging and other equipment.

The sample pole and the smart pole demonstration system complemented each other, showing the overall external image and the smart linkage ability of the smart pole.



Smart Pole Series Gather Together

Baimmatech smart street lamp pole gateway, smart pole edge gateway, intelligent lamp control gateway series also gathered at this exhibition. We also displayed new products such as intelligent pole controller, specially designed for smart pole application, with comprehensive interface, flexible networking and other characteristics. It can realize full access to pole-borne equipment, which is widely used in smart pole Internet of Things, road lighting Internet of Things, smart municipal Internet of Things, industrial Internet of Things.


Intelligent Lighting Series

Baimatech displayed a variety of intelligent lamp control equipment, covering Cat.1 communication, power carrier, RS485, 4G and other communication methods. Among them, the Baimatech BMG800 series area controller has strong edge equipment management and linkage control capabilities to achieve independent edge perception and control, fully meet the needs of smart pole lighting, road lighting, municipal lighting, and Internet of Things lighting.


Smart Pole Cases

In this exhibition, Baimatech focused on smart pole deployment cases in smart parks, smart scenic spots and municipal roads. Baimatech used its BMG8100 DC, BMG8200 AC and BMG8500 waterproof smart pole gateway products, combined with the scene to create exclusive smart pole IoT applications

Baimatech smart pole system has been deployed and operated in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Zhongshan, Dali, Changzhou and other parts of the country, with diversified application scenarios and strong system scalability, and has been praised by many customers.




The four-day exhibition has come to a successful end, but Baimatech's hard work and innovation in the smart street lamp pole industry have never stopped. Facing the rapid development of AI+Internet of Things, Baimatech will continue to integrate AI applications in hardware products, software platforms and systems to create a high-level smart city Internet of Things based on smart street lamp poles.

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