BaimaTech Trip of GILE Successfully Ends

  • 2022-08-12
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After four days of exhibition, the 2022 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition came to a successful conclusion. With the theme of “New Era, New Responsibility”, this year's exhibition brings together the top products and applications of smart lighting, smart street pole and lighting Internet of Things industry, bringing unforgettable experience to the visitors.


It is the third year for Baimatech to participate in the exhibition.Accompanied by Guangya Exhibition, we are moving towards the "new era" of smart lighting in the Internet of Things, daring to take on new responsibilities in the face of industrial changes, and leaving unforgettable memories during the four day exhibition period.


Smart Pole Gateway Attract Many Audiences

Baimatech focuses on the smart street lamp pole industry market, and continues to promote the integrated development of the smart street lamp pole Internet of Things and smart lighting. In this exhibition, Baimatech smart street lamp pole gateway family gathered at the site, with the appearance design patent, product utility patent, IP65 waterproof, 220V power supply, built-in edge strategy and other innovative product design and functional design, attracted many people.



The senior technical engineer and project manager led the audience to have a deep understanding of the functions of Baimatech intelligent gateway in the smart pole system, and introduced the cases of smart street lamp pole projects in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Zhongshan, Dali, Changzhou etc.



Professional Forum

In the four days of the 2022 International Lighting Exhibition, nearly 100 professional forum meetings with diverse themes and rich content were held simultaneously, which selected a series of high-quality smart lighting products and advanced solutions for the majority of the audience, bringing the most cutting-edge new products, new technologies and trend.


At the Smart City + Smart Pole theme forum, a number of industry experts, scholars and business representatives shared their insights on the development opportunities of smart street lamp poles. Based on the current smart municipal project, everyone at the meeting discussed the innovation of smart street lamp poles in the scene, scale and coordination with smart cities.



Baimatech has invested R & D resources in the iteration and innovation of smart pole gateway, and has achieved a number of innovations including appearance innovation, structural innovation, functional innovation, and its gateway products have passed CE, CCC, EMC and other professional testing and certification.


Excellent Intelligent Achievement Award

At the same time, this year's International Lighting Exhibition also held the Aladdin Magic Lamp Award ceremony, which is known as the "Oscar" award in the lighting industry. The smart lamp pole IoT cloud platform system developed by Baimatech has won the praise of 206 experts from the jury and won the Aladdin Magic Lamp Award——Excellent Intelligent Achievement Award , with its outstanding capabilities of quickly docking the pole-borne equipment of various brands, supporting multi-device linkage control strategy, and meeting the remote control of a large number of smart poles.



Top 100 Intelligent Lighting List

A total of 2618 projects declared by 1085 units participated in the selection of the Aladdin Magic Lamp Award. Based on the comprehensive evaluation of Baimatech industry contributions, it was also selected in the top 100 intelligent lighting list, highlighting the excellent achievements in promoting the integration of smart pole Internet of Things and smart lighting.



The existing product line of Baimatech has covered smart pole gateway, 5G gateway, edge computing gateway, intelligent lamp control gateway, AI intelligent gateway, etc., which fully meets the needs of middle and high-end smart pole use. In the future, Baimatech will continue to explore and innovate, launch more excellent products and boutique smart pole communication terminals.

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