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  • 2022-06-30
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Xiamen International Lighting Exhibition 2022 will be officially opened in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center on July 13-15! The exhibition focuses on smart lighting, green lighting, Internet of Things lighting and other fields, and will focus on showing smart street lamp poles, 5G smart poles, Internet of Things lighting systems, smart city lighting design, smart lamps, smart lamp control and other innovative technological achievements.


As a high-tech enterprise of the Internet of Things, Baimatech will  bring its smart pole gateway, 5G gateway, smart lamp controller, smart pole cloud platform, smart lighting iot platform smart terminal series products and application solutions to participate in the exhibition.We sincerely welcome friends and partners to visit Baimatech Hall A3 D32 booth.


New Development in The Lighting Industry

Xiamen Lighting exhibition has the area of 20,000 square meters, with more than 700 enterprises, covering the lighting industry in the design, production, monitoring, control, system integration and other categories


The exhibition will also hold a number of professional conferences such as the 12th Golden Finger Award-Xiamen Tour, 2022 Night Tour China 100 Cities (Xiamen) Development Forum, and experts in various fields such as engineering, design, products, projects, brands, creativity, and smart cities from all over the country will gather in Xiamen.


Baimatech Internet of Things Intelligent Terminal

In view of the current booming smart lighting applications, Baimatech gives full play to its technical accumulation in the fields of data acquisition, edge computing, 5G/4G wireless communication, equipment collaborative control, etc. Baimatech launched  BMG8200 AC smart pole gateway, BMG8100 DC smart pole gateway, BMG8500 waterproof smart pole gateway, BMG8600 AI smart pole gateway, as well as RS485/NB-IoT/Cat.1/ power carrier smart lighting controller, multi-function lamp controller and other Internet of Things intelligent terminal product lines, has been widely used in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuhan, Fuzhou and many other places of smart street lamp poles, smart street lighting, intelligent lamp control networking projects.


Baimatech insists on investing in product research and development and program innovation, working with partners to deeply explore industry needs, with practicality and innovation, and continues to create the core competitiveness of leading technology, and professional service.


The above series of products will be fully displayed at the Xiamen Lighting Exhibition, welcome our friends to Baimatech D32 booth to understand the products. In addition to visiting the on-site booth of Baimatech, we also welcome you to visit Xiamen Baimatech Company to discuss and deepen the understanding of Baimatech enterprises and products. Baimatech welcomes customers to negotiate with us and establishs project cooperation and market cooperation.


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