Baimatech Attended The 2022 Xiamen IoT Industry Association Representative Conference

  • 2022-07-06
  • Author: Baimatech
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Recently, Xiamen Internet of Things Industry Association third session of the first member congress was successfully held.The conference elected a new leadership of the association, and the leaders of various departments in the city provideed guidance for the future work of the association.


Xiamen Baimatech is a high-tech enterprise in the field of Internet of Things, focusing on smart Internet of Things applications,has launched a wealth of smart Internet of Things terminals, and has been selected as excellent Internet of Things products & application solutions in Xiamen for many years. This time, Baimatech was also invited to attend the conference, and displayed several smart pole communication terminal products that were well received by the market.


Outstanding Smart Pole Application

At the meeting, Wang Yusen, who was elected president of the current council, also put forward clear ideas for the future development of the association. He said that the association will focus on the goals of the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” for the development of the electronic information industry in Xiamen, and promote Xiamen to build a “digital development highland” by sorting out the service direction of the industry, refining the service content, and improving the service quality


With the growing demand for digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of the economy and society, the Internet of Things, as an important driving force for technology-enabled economic growth undertakes the task of promoting the social economy. Typical new iot infrastructure applications represented by smart street lamp poles are also operating in many places across the country.Baimatech smart street lamp pole covers smart blocks, smart parks, smart transportation, smart scenic spots, etc., which continue to integrate with various life scenes and consumption scenes.


Build IoT Smart City

The product line of Baimatech has expanded to smart street lamp pole gateway series, 5G intelligent gateway series, edge computing gateway series, industrial router series, wireless data transmission terminal series, intelligent lamp control series, etc. Smart street lamp pole Internet of Things, urban management Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, smart water/mining/power transmission and distribution, road smart lighting and other applications of the Internet of Things can be equipped together to the integration of Internet of Things technology.


In the conference, customers continued to visit the booth of Baimatech to consult and  the functional advantages, application characteristics and system solutions of Baimatech intelligent terminal products. Baimatech engineers combined on-site product and technical videos to introduce, and established cooperation intentions with a number of customers.



After ten years development, the association has now gathered a large number of specialized enterprises in the field of Internet of Things, covering a wide range of industries, and continues to make efforts in the construction of industrial ecology, industry resource integration, talent cultivation, helping production, learning, research and long-term collaboration. As a member of Xiamen Internet of Things Industry Association, Baimatech  will continue to invest in the research and development and innovation of Internet of Things intelligent terminals, focus on the long-term needs of the market, and provide the market with reliable, efficient and intelligent Internet of Things terminal products


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