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  • 2022-07-29
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From August 3rd to 6th, the 27th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will be launched, and the exhibition will bring together the world's well-known smart Internet of Things, smart lighting, smart pole new infrastructure enterprises. Baimatech has participated in the exhibition for many years. This year Baimatech's full series of smart street lamp pole gateway terminal and smart pole management system will be unveiled.We invite you to visit us in C37 Booth,Hall 5.1


Nine Themes

This year's Asia Lighting Exhibition plans nine themes, covering the new infrastructure of smart street lamp poles, intelligent lighting ecology, dimming control, dual carbon green technology, etc.,showing the industry trend from lighting application, consumer market, Internet of things technology and industrial design and other aspects. The exhibition also has a 5.1 Smart City Pavilion, focusing on smart street lamps, comprehensive smart lamp poles and other new infrastructure applications.


Baimatech Intelligent Gateway Series

Baimatech has established a smart pole gateway product line with multiple levels of coverage, a wide range of application scenarios, and a rich use of functions, intelligent lamp controller product line and smart pole Internet of Things cloud platform system. At Booth C37 of Hall 5.1 of Baimatech, we gather senior engineers and project managers to bring professional, detailed and in-depth explanation and product demonstration of smart lamp pole solutions.


In the exhibition, many hot-selling Baimatech smart pole gateway, 5G gateway, edge computing gateway, intelligent lamp control gateway, industrial router, etc.will be shown.


Strict Product Inspection, Good Quality

The whole series of intelligent terminal products of Baimatech have passed the strict inspection and testing of the third-party laboratory, and have been issued CCC certification, CE certification, EMC certification, high and low temperature resistance testing, etc.


Intelligent Lamp Control Product

For smart lighting applications, Baimatech has RS485 single lamp controller, broadband power carrier lamp controller, NB-IoT single lamp/dual lamp controller, Cat.1 single lamp/multi-lamp controller and other product lines, with various technical types to meet different project choices.


Smart Pole Cloud Platform

At this year's lighting exhibition site, Baimatech will demonstrate the self-developed smart pole Internet of Things cloud platform, the independent selection of twelve modular functions, and the creation of a map of smart street lamp pole operation and maintenance control


Full Set of Intellectual Property Rights

Over the years, Baimatech has cooperated with customers in Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Wuhan, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Zhangzhou and other cities to build the smart street lamp pole project. Based on the feedback of smart pole deployment, BMG8100 small volume smart pole gateway and BMG8500 waterproof wire smart gateway use a number of industrial innovation design, such as lead waterproof wire, split interface, high protection closed shell, which improve the functionality, applicability and durability of the smart rod,and has a design patent certificate


Provide Smart Pole Integration Solution

With the development and construction of smart cities, smart street lamp poles have become an important entrance to smart cities. Baimatech provides scene-oriented smart lamp pole solutions, and its smart lamp pole gateway series has achieved seamless docking and plug and play with mainstream brand smart pole peripherals, helping users quickly realize smart lamp pole system integration and project landing.


Smart Scenic Spot Street Lamp Pole Case in Yunnan

Baimatech typical smart street lamp pole case includes Yunnan Erhai smart scenic spot street lamp pole system. This smart pole has rich application functions and high intelligence level, which not only provides safe and convenient tourism and entertainment services for tourists, but also improves the management of the scenic spot.


Smart Park Street Lamp Pole Case

Baimatech also worked with partners to build a smart street lamp pole project in a smart cultural and creative park in Shenzhen. This type of intelligent street lamp pole is equipped with intelligent lighting, display, monitoring, weather detection, one-button alarm, WiFi AP and other equipment.It can realize centralized communication, control and equipment collaboration through Baimatech intelligent gateway.


Street Lamp Pole Case of Smart Service Area

Based on the intelligent street lamp pole system,Baimatech has launched the intelligent high-speed service area Internet of Things solution to help improve the intelligent monitoring and management of the high-speed service area.


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