Xiamen University high-end forum on IoT

  • 2018-03-18
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In March, all things revived and flourished. Experts and scholars of the Internet of things and business partners gathered beautiful Heron Island. On 15-17 March, the cross straits Summit Forum on the Internet of things was held at Xiamen University to discuss hot topics and new trends, such as wireless communication and Internet of things technology, 5G communication network, vehicle communication and network.

Li Jun, Dean of Information Science and Technology college of Xiamen University, Professor Zhuang Weihua of University of Waterloo in Canada, Zhao Hanjie of Donghua University, vice president of telecommunications of Datang, Professor Lin Feng, National Taiwan University, Professor Peng Shenglong, Professor Zhang Zhiyong of Danjiang university, Professor of Yilan University of Wu Tingyu and Zhongzheng University Professors, and other industry experts, scholars and business representatives from both sides of the Taiwan Straits gather in Xiamen to bring about the latest achievements in the application of wireless communication and Internet of things technology, and promote the development of the Internet of things. Baima R&D staff attend and actively participate in the discussion of 5G mobile communication and Internet of things technology development opportunities and challenges for the industry.

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Xiamen University's high-end forum on IoT

Conference experts introduced that 5G is fast, 100 times faster than 4G, with faster speed, lower delay, higher reliability, stronger ability to support large connections, wider spectrum of standby spectrum, more pattern of business mode, more abundant deployment form, more resilient network architecture and so on.

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In 2018, China Mobile plans to launch a 5G scale test in 17 cities, including 5 cities for network pilot, 12 cities for application testing, and expected to launch 5G services in 2020. Experts in the conference believe that 5G has shifted from the traditional technology standardization and network testing phase to the trial commercial deployment phase, and the business model and the value mining of focusing vertical industry application scenarios have become the key to the success of 5G. The future application of 5G and the Internet of things are closely related industries, and will be widely applied in various industries such as vehicle networking, smart city, industrial Internet and so on.

The Internet of things has been put forward in 2008, and this year is the tenth year. When many enterprises first enter the Internet of things, they mostly cut horizontally, hoping to find a general solution for cross industry and cross application. With the development of the market, customer needs are constantly subdivided, and the Internet of things is constantly integrated into every link of the industrial application. Thus, the efficiency of manufacturing, the quality of products, the cost of products and the consumption of resources are greatly improved, and the traditional industry is finally realized to be intelligent.

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Professor Zhang Zhiyong from Danjiang University, said that Taiwan was about to enter the super aged social in 2025, with data forecast. For a variety of reasons, more than 90% of the people in the future will be home for the aged, and the elderly are facing health and safety problems. Cooperation, Internet of things technology has some ways to solve the pension problem.


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