Baima Wireless Communication Terminal has Become an Important Support Force for the Construction of "Intelligent Site"

  • 2018-05-14
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What is a smart site? An image of the metaphor is to make the construction site have "eyes", "ears", "nose", "brain", see the violation, hearing noise, sniffing hidden dangers, to be prejudged.

What is a smart site?

Through the application of "smart site" platform, Internet of things technology, wireless transmission terminal and sensor terminal, the construction site has the ability of similar visual, auditory, olfactory and logical analysis. It is convenient for the site personnel, construction units, safety supervision departments and environmental protection departments to realize "intelligence + interconnection + synergy" management. Accurately control the scene of the scene.

application of "smart site" platform

In order to achieve the above construction targets, the construction content of the "smart site" is generally included in the field personnel, environment, equipment, material, quality, safety and other data. The construction of the site personnel is generally included: the real name management of the site personnel, the safety management of the special equipment on the site (the tower crane safety monitoring system, the hook visual system, and the visual system of the hook, and the visual system of the hoisting hook, construction elevator safety monitoring system), material safety management, site scene video monitoring, and environmental protection construction noise monitoring system.

Intelligent Site solutions

Fast Network Without Wiring and VPN Encrypted Transmission

In the construction of every subsystem of intelligent site, wireless communication is the most important networking and communication guarantee for site intelligence. The wireless communication transmission based on 4G/3G/NB-IoT network can not only quickly complete the communication deployment, but also can encrypt the transmission process by VPN, so as to achieve the information security requirements of the government management departments of security supervision and environmental protection.

Baima Wireless Communication Terminal has Become an Important Support Force for the Construction of "Intelligent Site"

Video Surveillance on Smart Site

The construction site is a complex area with complex personnel. In view of the safety of equipment and personnel, an effective on-site and remote monitoring system is very necessary for managers. Baima BMR400 Industrial Cellular wifi Router, which integrates full network communication, high-speed routing, WIFI coverage, local storage and other flagship functions, is the first choice for high speed wireless transmission of video/picture large data in smart site.

Video Surveillance on Smart Site

Tower Crane & Hook Monitoring in Smart Site

Safety monitoring of tower crane: through BMR400 industrial Cellular wifi Router, managers can monitor the lifting weight, lifting torque, amplitude, height, work return angle, wind speed, overloading, area limitation and collision protection. When the tower crane appears overrun, overweight and fast collision, it realizes automatic warning and control.

Hook video monitoring: real-time transmission to the tower crane driver around the hook video HD image, to solve the visual dead angle of the tower crane driver, long distance vision blurred, voice guidance easy to error and other industry problems, avoid safety accident rate, improve work efficiency.

Tower Crane & Hook Monitoring in Smart Site

Environmental Monitoring of Smart Site

Dust and noise can easily affect the living quality of the residents, thus causing disputes between the construction site and the nearby residents. The effective and intelligent management measures have become an important means to coordinate the interests of both sides.

The data collected by the noise dust monitor, through BMD100 industrial Cellular IP Modem, is transmitted to the field LED screen in real time. Through 4G/3G/NB-IoT network and the dust reduction and haze system linkage control, it takes the initiative to reduce the dust and noise reduction measures; remote through to the server, it is convenient for environmental protection or real time supervision by the officers of the city management.


Baima wireless communication terminal, including cellular router, unattended DTU transmission terminal, NB-IoT terminal and so on. Based on 2G/3G/4G, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, LORA, it provides a strong communication network for wireless access, wireless coverage, wireless interaction and wireless operation in various scenes of smart city. It has low construction cost and deployment capacity. Advantages such as easy, short construction period and strong environmental adaptability have become an important supporting force for the construction of the Internet of things.


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