What is Industrial Wireless Communication? Extreme Weather is a Touchstone

  • 2018-06-08
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In the application of industrial Internet of things, the outdoor wireless communication applications such as water conservancy, environmental protection, transportation, power and so on occupy a large proportion. With the arrival of the news period, extreme weather is more concentrated. The frequent activities of high temperature, rain, thunderstorm, typhoon and hail are a great test for stable operation of wireless communication equipment for the Internet of things working in the outdoor environment.

What is industrial wireless communication?

What is industrial wireless communication? The extreme environment is an important touchstone. The stability advantages of industrial grade communication products are compared with those of commercial communication products and home used communication products.

How to make wireless communication equipment maintain excellent working condition under extreme weather conditions, and ensure the strong network and reliable transmission of data? Baima engineer is painstaking in designing environmental adaptability of products such as high temperature, high humidity and lightning protection.

Three defense design, anti humid, salt mist and mould

For the electronics industry, the harm of moisture has become one of the main factors of product quality control.

Whether it is the spring flood, or the summer flood, or the autumn rain, the humidity, the salt fog and the mould will reduce the insulation strength of the material, cause the leakage and the short circuit, which leads to the electronic failure and the accident. Therefore, most electronic products are required to operate and store under dry conditions.

But - --- the typical applications of Baima industrial cellular router include small and medium river monitoring, water environment monitoring, reservoir environment video monitoring, mountain flood geological hazard monitoring, pumping station monitoring, etc., all of which are in the condition of high humidity.


In the process of product development and development, Baima engineers designed three defense from four aspects, including circuit design, component selection, structural design, process technology. With low hygroscopic electronic components and structural materials, sealing structures are adopted for the devices with high local moisture resistance, and special moisture-proof treatment on the surface of PCB board is made.

Even in 95% high humidity environment, Baima industrial cellular router can also run normally, the power and port indicator LEDs are normal, will not appear reboot, dead machine and so on. The test results show that all ports of the device normally transmit data, and the sending packets are the same as the receiving packets, without loss of packets.

Even in 95% high humidity environment, Baima industrial cellular router can also run normally

Baima wireless cellular router in the sun

Baima industrial wireless cellular router is designed for stable operation in harsh environments. All the components are selected according to the standard of industrial grade. We work closely with famous brands such as Freescale, NXP and others. It runs across 110 degrees (-35℃ to 75℃), thick metal shell, standardized production process and strict quality assurance system.

Lightning proof test

Baima industrial switch have high protection performance in the fields of lightning protection, anti fast pulse group, anti static and so on, which can effectively defend industrial interference, such as high voltage AC electric field, electrostatic field, arc, SCR and so on; And prevent natural interference: Lightning shock and each other; Electrostatic discharge, magnetic storm and so on.

Baima industrial switch

Industrial wireless communication products, in the design process, not only need to consider the function and performance planning, but also from the user application environment, to make real strong and stable products. Ignoring one of the details can bring serious security risks to the users' project application and increase the cost of operation and maintenance.

From design concept, structure layout, component selection, production technology, quality management and other aspects of the complete product solution. cellular router, cellular gateway, serial to Ethernet converter, Industrial Ethernet Switch and other products have not only withstood the extreme environment test of high & low temperature and high humidity, but also can easily cope with the interference of static electricity, high pressure, electromagnetic and other factors. It can fully meet the power, traffic, water conservancy, environmental protection and other industries.

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