Baimatech has been awarded "the Most Popular Enterprise in the Smart Lamp Pole Industry"

  • 2021-09-29
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On September 28,5G + Smart Lamp Pole Integration Development Forum was held in Beijing National Convention Center. Well-known experts and representatives of leading enterprises in the fields related to the smart lamp pole industry gathered together. They conducted in-depth discussions on hot issues such as the construction and operation of 5G and smart lamp pole, cross-border integration, model innovation and future trend.


This forum focused on the 2021 Smart Lamp Pole Industry Award , awarding “the Most Popular Enterprise in the Smart Lamp Pole Industry”, “Smart Lamp Pole Industry Contribution Award”, “Smart Lamp Pole Industry Innovation Award”.The awards are meaningful, and  show the vigorous development trend of the smart street lamp pole industry.


Live up to expectation,Baimatech has been awarded 

“the Most Popular enterprise in the smart lamp pole industry”for two consecutive years

Over the years, Baimatech has been focusing on the smart pole system research and development, the expansion of intelligent gateway product line , the iteration of smart pole cloud platform system and smart pole scenario scheme development.It has successively launched the industry-first waterproof line out intelligent gateway, IP65 high protection smart pole gateway, edge computing AI intelligent gateway, etc. Smart gateway has passed CCC national product quality certification, successfully helped many industrial partners compete for the construction of smart pole projects and accumulated rich smart pole industry applications.


Based on this, in 2021,Baimatech has been awarded “the Most Popular enterprise in the smart lamp pole industry”for two consecutive years.It proves that Baimatech’s partners and market customers trust and approve our  leading research and development concept, rich and comprehensive intelligent gateway product line, a variety of smart pole scene solutions, strong customization ability,rapid delivery ability and technical support ability.


The 2021 Smart Lamp Pole Industry Award also has “the Industrial Contribution Award” and “the Industrial Innovation Award”.The Industrial Contribution Award mainly evaluates the comprehensive strength and business performance of the participating enterprises in the smart lamp pole business. The Innovation Award focuses on the innovation and business development ability in the appearance, function and program integration of the smart lamp pole.Many partners of Baimatech  also won the above prizes.

5G+ smart pole,the new phase of smart city

5G+ smart street lamp  pole is an important direction of the industry. As a new generation of urban infrastructure, whether to carry out leading technical layout of smart street lamp poles is related to the development potential of smart city in the future.In this forum, the speakers made wonderful keynote speeches about the construction and operation of 5G+ smart lamp pole.


Smart city experts from the Institute of Information and Communication introduced the new urban IoT infrastructure represented by smart lamp pole and express the expectation of building digital twin city and modern governance.The wireless network vice-president of Huawei described the mutual promotion of 5G through the smart pole tower and new infrastructure to realize the smart connection of everything . The chief engineer of Guangzhou Information Investment Corporation shared the investment, construction, operation of urban smart lamp pole and innovation in technology, product, application and model.Senior managers of several industrial leading enterprises discussed the construction, application and operation mechanism of smart lamp pole cloud platform.



Baimatech,the strengh of link IoT

The 5G+ smart lamp pole integration and development forum embodied the rich industrial research, development experience and guidance for industrial future direction , formed the integration of producing, learning, researching and building. Meanwhile,it showed several leading enterprises’ product innovation,programme achievement and industrial advantages, manifesting the application demand and development prospect of smart street lamp pole.


Finally, we would like to appreciate all the expert judges, industrial friends and all partners  for their recognition and support to Baimatech.Honor is not our goal,  providing professional products and satisfactory service to customers and market is our tireless pursuit.Baimatech will  accompany the development of the smart pole industry, continue to explore and innovate and make our own contribution to the smart lamp pole industry.

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