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About us

Baimatech ——the power to link the Internet of Things

Xiamen Baimatech is an IoT high-tech innovative enterprise who focuses on 5G smart pole Internet of things, lighting Internet of things, smart municipal and etc. The company integrates product research and development, production and manufacturing, operation and service into one, constantly consolidating the core competitiveness of leading technology, product wisdom and professional service. It has been evaluated as the most popular enterprise in the field of smart pole, the most growing champion enterprise in the Internet of Things industry, and has been the champion of major projects for several years.


 Main Business

Baimatech’s  product line includes: smart pole edge computing gateway, smart pole intelligent gateway, smart pole 5G gateway, encrypted communication gateway, smart lighting gateway, smart lighting communication terminal, single lamp controller, centralized controller, smart lamp pole cloud platform, smart lamp pole each subsystem drive access, etc. Baimatech has perfect technical in edge computing, communication protocol and regulations, 5G / 4G wireless communication, encrypted communication transmission, video in-depth analysis, cloud services and other aspects, supporting   engineering challenges.

Intelligent gateway

    smart pole edge computing gateway, smart pole intelligent gateway, smart pole 5G gateway, encrypted communication gateway, smart lighting gateway, smart communication terminal, smart controller.

Cloud platform

    Provide one-stop service from communication networking to platform application, with smart pole cloud platform, Internet of Things cloud platform, gateway management platform, industry customized platform, etc.

Industry solutions

    Provide systematic solutions for smart city, smart park, smart community, smart scenic spot, smart commercial street, smart countryside and other application scenarios.


Baimatech has rich experience in customized research and development and commissioned production projects such as smart pole gateway and smart pole cloud platform. Customized services include: brand customization, communication protocol customization, hardware customization, software customization, appearance structure customization, new research and development, platform development, etc.We can meet customer’s needs, help customers to build product competitiveness quickly, and realize the Internet of Things +


Complete Certification

Baimatech’s 5G / 4G edge intelligent gateway,smart pole gateway, industrial gateway, industrial router, intelligent lamp control series products,through authoritative laboratory’s strict test, has gained the CCC national mandatory certification, EMC electromagnetic compatibility certification, CE certification, high and low temperature resistance certification, waterproof certification, environmental reliability inspection, vibration collision inspection projects.Baimatech has reliable product quality due to our high standard.


Modern Production & Excellent Quality

ISO9001 certification, quality-oriented, to provide customers with reliable products and satisfactory service. We ensure product quality in develop and manufacturing process, and improve the supply chain quality of raw materials and integrated supporting materials .Baimatech has modern patch factory with advanced equipment and management.It is equipped with SMT machine, reflow welder, wave welder, professional electronic testing equipment and aging equipment, all the products meet ROHS standards. Baimatech has its own assembly and commissioning workshop with rigorous manufacturing process and systematic quality control system. Flexible production, fast delivery.


Environmental and social responsibility 

Baimatech complies with environmental laws and regulations, practices environmental  design, environmental materials, environmental production, and provides excellent environmental products. We create a satisfactory production and office environment for employees.


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