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  • 2023-11-10
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Professional, timely, meticulous, is the core standard of Baimatech’s customer service. We provide efficient solutions for customers with professional support before and after sales. No delay in the product delivery, technical support and other aspects. We gain customer’s recognition by caring and thoughtful service

Therefore, Baimatech has established an excellent technical support team, committed to provide customers with timely, professional and meticulous technical service. Baimatech also shoulder the responsibility of linking the Internet of Things, and work together with all customers and partners to create a better future of smart Internet of Things.


Provide Technical Support On Scene

Recently, in order to assist customer partners to accelerate the application of the smart street lamp pole project, Baimatech sent senior technical engineers to the scene to provide technical support.

This project is located in a parking square in a high-speed service area. There are many smart poles with different functions deployed on site, equipped with multi-channel square lighting fixtures, cameras, broadcast sound pillars, LED information screens and other equipment to provide intelligent lighting, vehicle identification, security monitoring, information display, broadcast notification and other services for the high-speed service area.


Baimatech technical engineers arrived at the scene, installed some new equipment for customers, docked equipment communication lines, and debugged Baimatech smart pole gateway to the smart pole peripherals of data acquisition, command delivery and remote control. After many days of hard works, the application functions and use effects of this batch of smart pole system have been appreciated by customers.


Create a High-Level Smart Pole Application

During the on-site technical service, the technicians of Baimatech also conducted a comprehensive test for the external equipment status of the smart pole, the overall operation of the system, energy consumption and power, stability and reliability, etc., to provide strong technical support for the long-term and stable operation of the smart pole.

This project uses Baimatech BMG8100 series DC smart pole gateway, adopts the industry's first lead-out waterproof wire design, and integrates wired and 5G communication, edge computing control, power supply management and other functions to achieve one-stop docking, monitoring and control of all kinds of pole-borne equipment.


Facing different needs of smart street lamp pole projects, Baimatech has developed a series of smart pole gateway products with rich functional types, including BMG8200 AC smart pole gateway, BMG8500 waterproof IP65 smart pole gateway, BMG5100 Gigabit 5G smart pole gateway, BMG700 edge computing smart pole gateway, etc. Baimatech help customers to create high-level smart pole applications through our technology, research and development strength in the field of Internet of Things.


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