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  • 2023-10-18
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AI technology has brought new development vitality to the industrial Internet of Things, and with the help of autonomous perception, autonomous analysis, intelligent control and other capabilities of artificial intelligence, it further promotes the intelligent upgrading of the industrial Internet of Things, and helps enterprises to enhance market competitiveness.

Facing the rapid develpment of AI applications, Baimatech relies on research and development resources and industrial application experience, aiming at the industrial Internet of Things, smart pole Internet of Things, smart city Internet of Things and other scenarios, to develop a new AI intelligent gateway, accelerate the industrial application of “AI+Internet of Things”, and help enterprise partners jointly create a new future of AI Internet of Things



Independent AI Chip + Multi-Scenario AI Algorithm

Baimatech BM-A6 series AI intelligent gateway supports independent AI chips to achieve powerful AI computing power, and is equipped with rich AI algorithms to provide customers with convenient equipment access, computing power support, algorithm configuration, application upgrade and other functions. The comprehensive performance is comparable to lightweight servers, enabling intelligent identification, analysis, linkage control and other applications in various industries.It also has the advantages of lightweight, high performance, low power consumption, convenient access, easy to expand and so on.


Rich AI Algorithm,Massive Application Scenarios

Baimatech BM-A6 series AI intelligent gateway continues to enrich ecological cooperation algorithm library. It can also train AI identification/analysis applications for different industries, scene needs, such as fire monitoring, traffic monitoring, factory safety supervision management, smart building management, smart retail management, visual identification quality control.


5G + WiFi 6

Baimatech BM-A6 series AI intelligent gateway also supports 5G/4G full netcom, optional WiFi 6 wireless high-speed communication, to achieve the construction of high-speed and efficient information transmission capabilities in multiple scenarios, multiple applications, and multiple devices, supporting AI powerful data computing and processing capabilities.


AI + Internet of Things has discovered unprecedented possibilities for various industries and field, and can fundamentally change the operation of the entire social production and life. The processing efficiency based on AI and the infinite potential of big data in the Internet of Things  can complement each other.

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