Baimatech Celebrates The Programmer s Day

  • 2022-10-27
  • Author: Baimatech
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For programmers who work with code and debug all the time, 1024 is a number with special meaning. The foundation of today's increasingly information-based, digital world is the infinite number of zeros and ones based on binary arithmetic. 1024, which is exactly 2 to the tenth power, is one of the basic units of binary counting and the rate of progression between data units: 1G = 1024M, 1M = 1024KB, 1KB=1024B......


In order to thank the programmers for building smart IoT with code, Baimatech’s empleyees went to the urban park called Future City .


VR Virtual World

The most imaginative thing in the Future City is undoubtedly VR virtual reality. The park just opened a lot of VR virtual reality entertainment projects, such as VR shooting, VR racing, VR body sense, etc., which attracted everyone to experience



A CS project inspired everyone's enthusiasm for participation. Baimatech colleagues are divided into two teams of attack and defense. We used to dominate in video games, but now we can finally play it in real life.



Archery area also attracted everyone to experience, Baitech’s colleagues put a straight posture, bow and arrow pointed at the target. Breathe gently, relax, gently release the string, one arrow suddenly hit the target, and achieve good results.



At the bowling alley, everyone was having fun and competing with each other. Baimatech’s colleagues carried the bowling ball to the pins accurately and won admiration



The most relaxing one was the bumper car. We enjoyed the happiness of the collision.


Relaxing Area

In the relaxing area, there were a lot of pool tables, arcade machines, game consoles, and everyone was happy to play. There was also an arcade full of old games, which suddenly reminded people of carefree childhood.



Sumptuous buffet dishes were prepared for us.There were western dishes, seafood, BBQ , fresh fruits and fresh vegetables


The day of fun passes quickly, but the memories will stay in our mind. October 24 not only belongs to programmers, but also the workers who promote the society to move towards  digital and intelligent. Baimatech wish us to build a better era of smart Internet of Things.


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