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  • 2022-08-05
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On August 3, 2022, the 27th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) opened. The venue was crowded with new products, new technologies and new applications of global smart lighting and smart city industries.


Baimatech has participated in the exhibition for many years in a row.This year Baimatech and its entire product family appeared at the exhibition, adding luster to the application of the smart street lamp pole industry. 5.1 hall C37 Baimatech booth


New Development of Smart Lighting

In recent years, the wave of change has surged into the lighting industry. The improvement of lighting value and the power of original design have brought various new opportunities to the industry, and also provided the power for enterprises to gallop forward. The exhibition is divided into 11 exhibition halls, which comprehensively display lighting products, intelligent control equipment, lighting supporting devices, lighting application design and other products and programs. The 5.1 Smart City Street Lighting Hall, where Baimatech is located, gathers many enterprises of Smart Street Lamp Pole, and displays the application advantages and characteristics of Smart Street Lamp Pole in various urban scenes.


Facing the smart street lamp pole industry, Baimatech has built a multi-dimensional product line and services covering smart pole gateways,intelligent lamp controllers, smart pole cloud platforms, pole equipment adaptation and docking, product labeling customization,etc, providing customers with advanced Internet of Things intelligent terminal products and technical support, and has cooperated with project partners to create a series of smart street lamp pole projects and normalized operation cases.


Gateway Innovation

Baimatech sent project managers and technical personnel to the exhibition to introduce its intelligent gateway products to the audience. Based on the in-depth cooperation with many customers, Baimatech accurately grasps the feedback and improvement needs of the construction and deployment of smart poles, accelerates the integration of research and development resources into product customization and innovation, and launched a number of products with new utility product patents and appearance design patents, such as 220V power supply gateway, lead-type smart pole gateway, small volume 5G gateway, IP65 waterproof gateway, etc. Many visitors came to Baimatech booth to inquire about products and solutions. Baimatech’s works warmly received and explained in detail.



Build Professional Smart Pole System

As a typical application of smart city's new infrastructure, smart street lamp poles can play a professional application function in scenes such as highways, commercial streets, smart parks, smart scenic spots, and smart transportation. According to the application requirements of different smart pole systems, Baimatech provides BMG8100 DC smart pole gateway, which is the first leading-out waterproof line design in the industry. BMG8200 AC intelligent gateway ,which has 220V power input and output, and supports DC24V/12V and PoE power output. BMG8500 waterproof smart pole gateway is designed with a fully enclosed structure, achieving IP65 waterproof, moisture-proof and dustproof. As well as small volume 5G gateway, edge computing gateway, embedded gateway, industrial routing gateway, intelligent lamp controller, etc., to meet the construction and deployment requirements of intelligent street lamp pole system.



The exhibition is from August 3 to August 6, during which various speeches and forums with rich themes and professional contents are being held. This grand meeting also brings together experts and scholars related to production, learning and research, such as smart lighting and smart cities, to share industry insights and analyze market demand.


We welcome customers to visit the C37 Baimatech booth in 5.1 Hall to understand the appearance design, function interface and application deployment of Baimatech smart pole gateway terminal products.


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