Baima Website Reversion, Enable Baima Brand Domain December 10, 2017

  • 2017-12-11
  • Author: Baima
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In order to improve the customers online experience, Baima technology website has made a new revision. After nearly 5 months preparation, it was officially launched in December 10th.

Baima designed enterprise site, Baima mall, Baima international site, fully meet the needs of domestic and overseas customers browsing products, understanding the application, online communication, one-stop purchase demand, make the purchasing of industrial products more convenient.

Enable Baima brand domain, the abbreviation of Baima technology,, easy to spell, easy to remember.

Well layout design and access path, whether customers need to understand Baima industrial networking products, understand M2M platform, understand industry application, or product selection, technical communication, business cooperation, purchase sample, order in volume, they can find accurate information in the shortest time.

The visual VI image is more internationalized, the black and gray solemn atmosphere and red jump are complementary to each other, fully displaying the great professional details and spirited spirit of Baima people.

The website is newly launched that need more guidance and support. We expect all partners to actively advise. Please send your advise to ( Your valuable advice is our biggest inspiration.

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