BMG500 Industrial 5G gateway
Series Models:BMG500
Baimatech BMG500 industrial Internet of Things gateway, European CE certification, based on Linux system, integrated Python development environment and C language development environment, supports MQTT. It set intelligent data collection, a variety of protocol conversion, intelligent gateway, 5G/4G all-network wireless communication, data processing and forwarding, virtual private network, local storage, WIFI coverage and other functions in one.
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BMG500,the bridge of smart IoT

BMG500 industrial Internet of Things gateway set data collection, a variety of protocol conversion, intelligent gateway, 5G/4G wireless communication, data processing and forwarding, virtual private network, local storage, WIFI coverage and other functions in one.


Seven major functions of the industrial 5G gateway

It set intelligent data collection, a variety of protocol conversion,IoT MQTT protocol intelligent gateway, 5G/4G all-network wireless communication, data processing and forwarding, virtual private network, local storage and other functions in one.Build a general and intelligent Internet of Things channel between monitoring equipment and IT system.


Multiple interfaces to connect various devices

4 groups of LAN ports, 1 group of WAN ports, and 1 group of USB ports are standard configuration; Provides 2 RS485 ports (or 1 RS-232 or 1 RS-485) to meet the networking requirements of various port devices. 2 sets of DI digital input to connect the field intelligent equipment and monitor equipment status; 2 groups of relay output to control the front-end equipment.According to project requirements, the WAN port can be customized as a LAN port, so that the BMG500 can be easily expanded to 5 LAN ports, and the project networking application is more flexible.


Built in a variety of common protocols

International standard protocols include: MQTT, OPC, Modbus, IEC60870-101/102/103/104, DNP3, DLT645, BACnet, JSONS, etc. The expanding protocol library enables more devices to access easily


Private protocol secondary development

It has private protocol of multi-brand PLC, DCS, intelligent instrument, intelligent equipment and other manufacturers and is convenient for customers to dock with different equipment according to the specific project needs.


128M memory

External large capacity memory card, capacity up to 128M, massive space. It can circularly store the monitoring data

and will not lose without electricity.


Reliable communication, multiple technologies

to ensure “always online”

● It has software watchdog and hardware watchdog technology, the device automatically monitors the working status. When the M2M device is occasionally abnormal, the intelligent software will wake up or the hardware will power off and restart, and the whole device will be reset to ensure the normal operation of the device in real time.

● Multilevel link detection mechanisms such as PPP heartbeat, ICMP detection, TCP Keepalive, and application layer heartbeat are supported to automatically recover network faults and keep wireless connections “always online”

● 5G/4G/3G network and broadband dial-up are mutual backups to ensure permanent networking of equipment, which is an ideal choice for financial tax control networking applications.


VPN private network, financial data security

The product supports multiple VPN encryption modes such as IPsec VPN, L2TP, PPTP, and Open VPN.It supports SPI full status check, Secure Shell (SSH) and other network firewall functions; It supports multiple levels of user rights to ensure management security. It is widely applicable to tax control, finance, public security and other data security requirements of the industry.


5G/4G to WIFI, fast networking and management

of on-site equipment

WIFI rate: 150MBPS, WIFI type: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, simultaneous WIFI connection of multiple devices. On-site management personnel through mobile phones or tablets (compatible with Android, IOS, Win10 operating systems), can be configured and managed in the local WIFI access front-end devices.


DIN rail, easy to install

International standard guide rail (35mm width), can be easily stuck on the guide rail without screw fixation, 

installation and maintenance disassembly is convenient.


Industrial design and application, stable operation

under harsh environment

All devices are selected according to industrial standards, and we cooperate with well-known brands such as Freescale and NXP. Thickened metal shell is strong and durable. Shell and system security isolation, industrial control occasions security advantage is obvious. High and low temperature resistance (-35℃ to 75℃), wide pressure (5V-35V), specially designed for stable operation in harsh environment. High standard EMC electromagnetic compatibility ensures stable work in strong electromagnetic environment. Standardized production process and strict quality assurance system make the quality beyond customer’s expectations.


M2Mcloud, realizing remote control

of alarge number of M2M terminals

Centrally manage M2M devices around the world, and support local parameter configuration and software upgrade. Configure parameters and upgrade software remotely using TCP/IP channels, and support SMS parameter configuration. Equipment fault alarm, timely troubleshooting, improve the remote area equipment online rate; It supports SIM card management, eliminates the need for fixed IP addresses, and greatly reduces labor and maintenance costs.It can automatically generate service statistics reports, providing a strong basis for operation decisions.


Typical Application

Self-service terminal networking applications: self-service vending, self-service photography, self-service express cabinet, etc. Intelligent charging pile remote monitoring application, mobile law enforcement monitoring, ground disaster monitoring application, etc


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